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"May happiness find you and yours...And remember that bad times...are just times that are bad."
— Katrina, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Katrina NL.png
Gender Female
Species Panther
Service Fortune Teller
Birthday October 28th
Appearances Dōbutsu no Mori,
Dōbutsu no Mori +,
Animal Crossing,
Dōbutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Katrina (ハッケミィ, Hakkemii) is a blue female panther, with dark purple eye makeup and bright orange eyes. She can tell the player their fortune, and appears in all Animal Crossing games. In Animal Crossing she has a male voice like Gracie and Saharah (who are both male in Japan), but in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk she has a female voice.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] In Animal Forest

Katrina appears in Dōbutsu no Mori with the same role as in Animal Crossing. The only difference is that she wears a white hairband instead of her usual red.

[edit] In Animal Crossing


In the original Animal Crossing, Katrina's tent will appear randomly in location and by date. She can tell the player their fortune for 50 Bells using her crystal ball. Copper can let the player know when she will appear in their town a few days in advance. Her tent is open from 9:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. the next day. On New Year's Day, she will set up a desk by the Wishing Well, giving the player a letter with a fortune in it. The effects of the fortune last the rest of the day.

[edit] In Animal Crossing: Wild World

Katrina's role in Wild World is generally the same as in the original Animal Crossing, however, Katrina uses cards to read the player's fortune rather than a crystal ball. Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of the Town Hall on a random weekday. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. Additionally, she can tell players how compatible they are with someone else for 100 Bells or cleanse their spirit (which clears the effects of bad luck) for 10,000 bells.

[edit] In Animal Crossing: City Folk

Katrina (GCN).png

In City Folk, Katrina can be found in the city in the building furthest to the right, telling fortunes or lucky charms for 100 bells. She will greet the player by the player's star sign (e.g. if the player's birthday is on March 15th, she will call the player a Pisces). She can tell the player their fortune once a week, and/or she can give the player a charm for that month, usually involving strange tasks. However, the player who is given the fortune cannot obtain the charm - the task stated by Katrina needs to be done by a visiting player and only they may obtain the charm. One would have to cooperate with a friend to do the prescribed tasks in each other's towns to obtain the charm. No matter what the player asks her to do, she will have something drop on their head. It will make the player wobble and be "dizzy" (stars appear around the character's head). It should be noted that Katrina uses her crystal ball in this game, like in Animal Crossing.

[edit] In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Katrina visits the player's town on random weekdays and will tell the player's fortune for 500 bells. Once the player has had their fortune told twenty times, the Fortune Shop on Main Street will become available as a public works project, which requires 340,000 bells to complete.

[edit] Other appearances

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Katrina Trophy Brawl.png #277 Katrina
A mystical fortune-teller who sets up shop outside the town hall at dusk. For a fee of 100 bells, she'll use her tarot cards to tell your daily fortune or to check your compatibility. After telling a fortune, she may slip and say, "Sometimes it is just not meant to be," which is considered taboo among fortune-tellers. This surely means that she is hit or miss.

[edit] Fortunes

The below fortunes are the responses given by Katrina to the player. These are also followed by the effects.

Fortune Effect
Love Villagers of the opposite gender will take a liking to the player.
Unpopular Villagers will act coldly toward the player.
Lucky Finances The player will earn and find more Bells than normal, and more money will fall when shaken from trees.
Lucky Materials It will become easier to acquire rare items.
Unlucky The player will fall down a lot.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] City Folk

[edit] New Leaf

[edit] Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Katrina -
French Astrid -
German Smeralda -
Italian Vanda -

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