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Lights, or lamps, illuminate the room. Most lamps can be placed on a table, though not all are able to. Lamps in Animal Crossing: New Leaf will add a tint of the color of the lampshade. In Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are built-in lights that the player can use in addition to lamps.

The types of lamps available include the following.

[edit] Themed lights

  • Exotic Lamp
  • Regal Lamp
  • Cabana Lamp
  • Green Lamp
  • Modern Lamp
  • Lovely Lamp
  • Robo-Lamp
  • Blue Dresser

[edit] Other lights

  • Table Lamp
  • Desk Light
  • Mini-Lamp
  • Candle
  • Festive Candle

[edit] Rare lamps

  • Snowman Lamp (obtained only from building a perfect snowman)
  • Mush Lamp (obtained only from the Acorn Festival)
  • Mush Stand (obtained only from the Acorn Festival)
  • Mush Wall Lamp (obtained only from mushroom picking)
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