Nookipedia Private API
This version of our API has been deprecated. Please check out the new version of our API, which offers more structured data and better reliability.


This page defines available functions for the private Nookipedia API. A less intuitive public API is available here.

At this time, we are not accepting new applications for legacy API keys. Please use the link above to learn how to request access to the new API.

Basic API Requests

The most basic request takes the format of a request to:

If your request accepts a parameter (such as a villager name), it can be submitted as such:

All endpoints return a JSON response. The format of the response data will vary by endpoint, but all endpoints define a "message" attribute that will contain data about the request. If there is an error in a request, an "error" attribute will be defined instead.

For use in debugging and testing, we provide a test endpoint ("test") which optionally can accept a variable. This endpoint will return a message attribute, along with your parameter if provided.

API Authorization

For all requests that are not directed at the test endpoint, you are required to specify an API key. This key will be provided to you by Nookipedia staff. The API key may be specified either as a request header (X-API-KEY) or as a query string variable (api_key).

To specify the key as a header element (recommended), set an X-API-KEY header using your HTTP client of choice. Using curl, for example:

curl -H 'X-API-Key: KEY'

If you are specifying the API key as a query string variable, it should be placed after the input parameter. If you are not specifying a parameter, you will need to include a trailing slash. For example:

Endpoint List

API Endpoints
Endpoint Parameters Description
today Date (optional, in strtotime format)

Returns a list of events/birthdays happening today, based on US Eastern Time.

  • message - A brief message stating the current date and indicating whether there are any events for the day.
  • events - An array of event messages, which includes a combination of holidays and birthdays.
  • villager_images - An array of URLs for the images for villagers that have birthdays today.
villager Villager Name (required)

Returns detailed information about the requested villager.

  • name
  • image
  • quote
  • gender
  • personality
  • species
  • birthday
  • sign
  • phrase
  • clothes
  • islander-favorite
  • islander-allergic
  • picture
  • siblings
  • skill
  • goal
  • fear
  • favclothing
  • leastfavclothing
  • favcolor
  • coffee-type
  • coffee-milk
  • coffee-sugar
  • name-ja
  • name-ja-r
  • name-ja-m
  • name-ko
  • name-ko-r
  • name-ko-m
  • name-zh
  • name-zh-r
  • name-zh-m
  • name-zht
  • name-zhq
  • name-zhq-r
  • name-zhq-m
  • name-ar
  • name-ar-r
  • name-ar-m
  • name-ru
  • name-ru-r
  • name-ru-m
  • name-nl
  • name-nl-m
  • name-de
  • name-de-m
  • name-es
  • name-es-m
  • name-esl
  • name-esl-m
  • name-fr
  • name-fr-m
  • name-frq
  • name-frq-m
  • name-it
  • name-it-m
  • name-pt
  • name-pt-m
  • link
  • updated
  • cached

See this page for a description of what each language code means for the name attributes.

critter Critter Name (required)

Returns detailed information about the requested critter.

  • name
  • image
  • scientific-name
  • family
  • time-year
  • time-day
  • location
  • size
  • rarity
  • price
  • caught
  • shadow
  • movement
  • link
  • updated
  • cached
fossil Fossil Name (required)

Returns detailed information about the requested fossil.

  • name
  • image
  • scientific-name
  • sections
  • period
  • length
  • price
  • link
  • updated
  • cached
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