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"nh_houses" values

interiorHouse of Blaire NH.jpg
exteriorHouse of Blaire NH Model.png
wallpaperArched-Window Wall
wallpaper_imgArched-Window Wall_NH_Icon.png
flooringGold Iron-Parquet Flooring
flooring_imgGold Iron-Parquet Flooring_NH_Icon.png
musicK.K. Bossa
items[ {"name": "Ironwood DIY Workbench", "count": 1, "img": "Ironwood DIY Workbench (Walnut) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Imperial Partition", "count": 1, "img": "Imperial Partition (Brown) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Floral Swag", "count": 1, "img": "Floral Swag (Blue) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rose Bed", "count": 1, "img": "Rose Bed (Purple) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Simple Medium Purple Mat", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Lily Record Player", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Mum Cushion", "count": 1, "img": "Mum Cushion (Red) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Floral Swag", "count": 1, "img": "Floral Swag (Colorful) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Floral Swag", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Iron Entrance Mat", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan Low Table", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Low Table (Reddish Brown) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Anthurium Plant", "count": 1, "img": "Anthurium Plant (Brown) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Fragrance Sticks", "count": 1, "img": "Fragrance Sticks (Blue) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan End Table", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan End Table (Reddish Brown) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Hyacinth Lamp", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Flower Stand", "count": 1, "img": "Flower Stand (Purple) NH Icon.png", "note": ""} ]