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|name        = Cherry Blossom Festival
|name        = Cherry Blossom Festival
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Cherry Blossom Festival
Occurs April 5th through 7th
Special characters Tortimer
Appearances Doubutsu no Mori,
Animal Crossing,
Doubutsu no Mori e+

The Cherry Blossom Festival or Cherry Festival (according to the calender in Animal Crossing) is an event in the Animal Crossing series. This festival is celebrated in Japan and the United States. It is explicitly present from Doubutsu no Mori to Doubutsu no Mori e+ only, but trees continue to turn pink in later games. In games where the festival is celebrated, it lasts from April 5 until April 7.


In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, all regular and fruit trees (not counting ceder trees) will bloom pink between April 1 and April 7. The petals will start showering across the town from April 5 to April 7. The town's villagers will become excited about this sudden transformation, and the player may visit the mayor to learn about the festival and its meaning to the town. At the end of this explanation, Tortimer will give the player the Pink Tree Model. During the festivities, the town's inhabitants gather together at the Wishing Well to celebrate, situating themselves around tables (tatami mats in the Japanese version) covered with a wide assortment of food and joyfully dancing.

During the Cherry Festival, the town's hourly music will use slightly different instruments on every hour, similar to the played on days when it is snowing.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Cherry Blossom Festival is not present in Wild World; however, pink cherry blossom petals will appear on the town's regular trees (including fruit trees) on April 1, and will remain until the end of the Flower Fest on the second Monday of the month.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In subsequent games, the festival is not specifically celebrated, but the town's tree leaves (except for cedar trees) will be replaced with pink cherry blossom petals in early April. In City Folk, this takes place from April 5 to April 7, while it takes place during the first ten days of April in New Leaf.

Additionally, in New Leaf, the Town Tree's leaves will turn pink, with pink petals blowing across the town, and for the first time in the series, every fruit tree will be devoid of cherry blossom petals - their leaves remaining green.