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For the collection of classroom items in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf see Classroom Set.

The Classroom Theme is a collection of school-inspired furniture items that first appeared in Doubutsu no Mori. The theme was discontinued in Animal Crossing: Wild World when some of the items were removed and the few remaining pieces became the Classroom Set. While many of the theme's original items were brought back in Animal Crossing: City Folk, the collection's theme status was never renewed and it would remain a set both in that game and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Furniture items

Classroom Theme in Animal Crossing

Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Feng Shui Size Info
Chalk Board SpringLeaf.png 1,400 350 Tom Nook C Green MediumFurniture.png -
Cubby Hole SpringLeaf.png 2,200 550 Tom Nook B - MediumFurniture.png -
Flip-Top Desk SpringLeaf.png 1,320 330 Tom Nook - - SmallFurniture.png -
Folding Chair SpringLeaf.png 600 150 Tom Nook A - SmallFurniture.png -
Hamster Cage SpringLeaf.png 2,290 572 Lottery - Red SmallFurniture.png -
Lefty Desk SpringLeaf.png 1,240 310 Tom Nook - - SmallFurniture.png -
Letter Cubby SpringLeaf.png 2,300 575 Crazy Redd - - MediumFurniture.png -
Mop SpringLeaf.png 900 225 Tom Nook A - SmallFurniture.png -
Righty Desk SpringLeaf.png 1,240 310 Tom Nook C - SmallFurniture.png -
School Desk SpringLeaf.png 1,320 330 Tom Nook B Yellow SmallFurniture.png -
Science Table SpringLeaf.png 1,900 475 Tom Nook C - MediumFurniture.png -
Teacher's Chair SpringLeaf.png 1,440 360 Tom Nook - - SmallFurniture.png -
Teacher's Desk SpringLeaf.png 1,580 395 Tom Nook - - MediumFurniture.png -
Vaulting Horse SpringLeaf.png 1,200 300 Tom Nook B - SmallFurniture.png -
Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Group Available From
Classroom Wall SpringLeaf.png - 1,500 - Wendell
Classroom Floor SpringLeaf.png - 1,500 - Saharah

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