Crazy Redd's

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Crazy Redd's
Inside Crazy Redd's
Service Store
Services Furniture,
Opening hours 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Appearances Unknown

Crazy Redd's, also known as the Black Market, is a store run by Redd, a kitsune (Japanese for fox) who has a shifty nature. The shop contains items that can also be bought from Tom Nook in his store, but for a higher price, as well as items sold exclusively by Redd which cannot be found anywhere else.

The shop also sells paintings which can be forgeries - these can be identified by Blathers, or when you try to sell one to Tom Nook. The shop is the only place that sells paintings, but due to their unpredictable nature and high cost, there is a risk. There IS a way to try to "guess" if a painting is real or fake before trying to buy it. Ask Redd for the painting, and if he doesn't says "paws and knees", "artist's eye", or if he does the "mischief" emotion, then it is most likely fake.

In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, Crazy Redd's appears once a month in an undisclosed location. To enter, the player will receive a letter signed by Redd telling the player when the shop will appear. To find the exact place where the shop is, ask Copper at the Police Station.

In Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the shop appears once a week outside Town Hall. The player will be sent a letter containing a password (see Redd's Passwords) or, if the shop has not been visited, given a password by a villager in the town. When signing up for insurance with Lyle, the player will be asked about Redd and given days of the week as answers. The day chosen will be the day the shop appears. Lyle also sells insurance for forged paintings, which suggests these paintings are then returned to Crazy Redd's to be sold once again.

Exclusive items of furniture only found at Crazy Redd's are worth 151 points each, while paintings (that are not forgeries) are worth 412 points by the Happy Room Academy.

Location in the City in City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Crazy Redd's appears as a small building in the city to the left down what villagers call a "dark alley". It is open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. No one is allowed inside without an invitation, which must be given to the player by a villager in their town, or another playable character who has been given an invite by Redd himself. However there is a fee to even get your foot through his thresh-hold. It cost 3,000 bells to even get in, considering you have an invitation.

Animal Crossing: The Movie

In Animal Crossing: The Movie, Crazy Redd's store is set up during the Fireworks Show. However, unlike the games, Redd is selling his goods outside of his tent, while his supplies are all hiding inside. Redd tricks Yu and Alfonso into purchasing a fake Golden Slingshot. Claiming that the fake Slingshot was rare, he actually had an entire box filled with the hiding inside his tent.


When buying paintings from Crazy Redd's, there is always chance that the painting is a forgery. This is found out when a player tries to donate or sell the item. Nook or Blathers (which ever the case may be) points it out. In the case of a forgery, the selling price is 10 bells and its HRA points are lower than if it were the original painting. However, not all paintings from Redd's are forged.


These passwords are for Animal Crossing: Wild World only, because Redd's store did not require passwords in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Redd's Phrase Player's Answer
An open wallet is often empty
Ask and you shall be charged
Bottom dollar top dog
Cat's away mice shop
Courage is nice cash is freedom
Crazy Redd is 35
Even robbers have safes
Fan in one hand cash in other
Foot in the door eye on prize
For Redd's fans shop here again
Get an education or win it big
Give 2 cents ask for change
Golden ingots? Redd Bells
Head in sand find something
Honest/Healthy souls can be bought
Hot and cold money makes it
I'm all alone but I have cash
Life expectancy Redd is 35
Look at people wallets full
Neighbor Raccoon one ugly fellow
No flowers just cash
No money means no fun
Roses have high prices
Rough childhood lax adulthood
Someone to wed no way Nook
Spoiled rotten bean curd
Talk is cheap so is Redd
Thankless task goes unpaid
The grass is greener on my side
The pen is mightier and cheaper
Turn back what'd you miss
What's fabulous is inside
What's inside is fabulous
Why buy the cow get milk here