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#REDIRECT [[Stag Beetle]]
{{caught|Yes! I caught a flat stag beetle! I have to celebrate! I know! I'll throw a flat-stag party!|Animal Crossing}}
{{Infobox Bug
|name= Flat Stag Beetle
|image= nia.png
|scientific name=
|timeyear= [[June]] to [[August]]
|timeday= 7 P.M. to 8 A.M.
|found= On trees
|rarity= Uncommon
|price= 2,000 [[Bells]]
|appearances= {{AF}},<br>{{PG}}
The '''Flat Stag Beetle''' is an [[insect]] that only appears in {{AF}} and {{PG}}. It is uncommon and sells for 2,000 [[Bells]]. It is found on [[tree]]s.

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