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This article is about the special character. For the lazy villager who's English name is the same as Flick's Japanese name, see Rex.

SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Flick chy
Flick NH.png
Species Gender
Chameleon Male
Birthday May 10th Taurus
Role Bug-Off host
Selling bugs for higher prices
Bug models
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese レックス
Korean 레온
Italian Ivano
German Carlson

Simplified Chinese 龙克斯
French Djason
Spanish Kamilo
Dutch Flick

Traditional Chinese 龍克斯
Quebec French Djason
Latin American Spanish Kamilo
Russian Флик

Flick is a special character who debuted in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He runs the Bug-Off every three weeks during the summer, replacing the role of Nat from previous games.

He will appear on random weekdays after the Resident Services have been upgraded to a building. He will show up at least once every three weeks. Flick offers to buy bugs from the player at a price 1.5x higher than Nook's Cranny price. He leaves at 5 AM the following day. Once per visit, the player can commission him to make a model of a bug, which requires giving Flick 3 specimen of the same bug. Flick will mail the model the following day.


Upon interacting with Flick, he will say something relating to bugs before apologizing for thinking out loud. This dialog will change every time the player interacts with him.

  • "Am I truly listening to the needs of the <bug> with every ear I possess?"
  • "If a <bug> were to manifest before me, how would I react? Laughter? Weeping?"
  • "If you find yourself where there are no bugs...you have to visualize and manifest them yourself!
    Close your eyes. Reach with your mind. Feel the bugs. Feel them crawling all over your skin. Dissolve."
  • "It doesn't matter how much I treasure the bugs. They'll never notice what I do for them..."
  • "It is sheer hubris to think that we could ever learn everything about bugs.
    Bugs are an experience. They are a conversation...one between the viewer and the universe."
  • "Larva, pupa, adulthood, final transcendence... They become more exalted with every metamorphosis!"
  • "They reflect this sullied world, yet retain their own beauty... I am bewitched by those compound eyes."
  • "My world was once gray and dull. Then they brought their riotous jointed rainbows of wonder!"
  • "When the universe contemplates beauty, it imagines the silhouette of the <bug>."
  • "Will this world meet its reckoning, beheld only by the lonely eyes of the <bug>?"
  • "I divide myself into the three sacred segments. I am the head, thorax and abdomen of the universe."

During Bug-Off Flick's dialog has a greater amount of new-age style spirituality:

  • "Hey, how was it? Did you make progress on your personal journey towards True Infestation?"
  • "What - really?! You don't need them as spiritual guides? I mean - let me just add it up for you."
  • "Alright, get ready to transcend...'
  • "Once you save up 10 points, you can redeem them for bug-blessed relics I've obtained. Good luck!"
  • "The epic tale of my pilgrimage to obtain these relics should be written on a scroll or something!"
  • "How did you enjoy this Bug-Off, our regular celebration of bugs? Were you spiritually enriched?"


Names in other languages

Japanese レックス
Transliteration of Rex.

Korean 레온
Transliteration of "leon" from "chameleon".

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
龙克斯 / 龍克斯
From his Japanese name and 龙/龍 lóng (dragon, also used in naming reptiles; a surname), which is also found in Nat's Chinese name.

Russian Флик
Transliteration of his English name.

Dutch Flick Same as his English name.

German Carlson Referring to Carleon, Nat's German name.

European Spanish Kamilo From camaleón (chameleon) and the name Camilo, which rhymes with Nat's Spanish name, Papilo.

European French Djason Referring to Djarod, Nat's French name.

Italian Ivano A common Italian name, likely a pun on Varano (Monitor Lizard).

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