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Blathers is given a forgery.

A Forged Painting is the outcome of buying a fake painting from Crazy Redd. A forged painting appears as a regular painting until sold to Tom Nook or donated to Blathers at the Museum, where both may identify the picture.If you buy a painting then go to Tom Nook and sell it,it will no longer be a fake.

Identifying a fake

When speaking to Redd about a painting he has for sale, his emotions will often signal if it is a fake. If he displays a glint in his eye or the "mischievous" emotion, the painting is probably a fake. In fact, showing any emotion while he describes it is a bad sign. There are more theories on how to identify a fake painting, but none seem to be fail-safe. The only way to truly tell if it is real or fake is to buy it. After purchasing a painting from Redd, there are 2 simple ways to verify it: try to sell it to Tom Nook or donate it to your museum. Both Blathers and Tom Nook are able to identify it a fake and will refuse to buy/accept it. The item then changes in name from the bought painting's name to "forged painting" (for example, if a you buy a proper painting from Redd, and it is declared fake by either Tom Nook or Blathers, its name will change from "proper painting" to "forged painting"). To verify the painting without changing the name, check the catalog at Nook's store. If the painting you bought was geniune, it will be listed in the catalog. If it is fake, it will not appear on the list.

Things To Do With A Fake

  • Although it was rejected for the museum, it may still be displayed as furniture in your house and the image will be that of the original paintings. However, its points for the Happy Room Academy is lower than that of an original painting.
  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, players may exchange a forged painting for 100 bells upon signing up for insurance from Lyle.
  • Give to a villager as a gift.
  • Sell it to another player.
  • Sell it to Tom Nook for 10 bells.


If you talk to Redd manually after you buy a painting and he praises you, he says "Heh heh heh...." Contrary to what is widely believed on cheat websites, this has been proven false. It is also said that the townsfolk will tell you about their experiences buying forged paintings when Redd is selling a forged painting.