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Furniture in the Animal Crossing series can be used to decorate homes, thus improving Happy Room Academy scores and winning prizes, especially if placed properly. There are various themes and series of furniture ranging from Cabana to Robot, Regal to Modern, Lovely to Exotic, and much more.

Obtaining Furniture

With Bells

Furniture can be bought from Tom Nook's store, Crazy Redd's, GracieGrace (only in City Folk), at random from other villagers, and at the Flea Market.

For Free

Furniture can also be given to you by villagers via Letter or as an errand reward, found in the Lost Property, checking the recycle bin, by helping villagers or shaken from trees. Only two pieces of furniture can be found in trees per day. Certain special characters such as Pascal give furniture, and certain series can be obtained at Events. Also, sometimes if a villager is in a good mood, they will give you something at random, or if they need help "recycling" one. You can also use a slingshot to hit present boxes floating on balloons, and you will get a random piece of furniture. (Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk only)


The leaf icon

Furniture appears as a leaf when dropped outside. When placed inside a house, it appears as the full item. There are several types of furniture, but only 4 sizes:

  • small - 1x1 square
  • medium - 1x2 squares
  • large - 2x2 squares
  • very large - 4x4 squares

Types of Furniture

Chairs & Sofas

Chairs & Sofas are types of seating that also include armchairs. Chairs and sofas can be sat on by moving your character in front of it. Some chairs can be sat on by moving your character in from the side if it has no arms.

A player next to a Mushroom Bed.


Beds are entered by the sides and can be switched with the original beds in the attic. A Player lying on a bed will have their eyes closed. If beds are lined up, a Player can roll across them as if there is no gap between them. If there is one double bed with two players on it, they can lie on each side, but they will bump into each other if one tries to move to the other side while the other one is still there.


Lamps, also known as lights, are used to light up your rooms. They can be turned on and off using the A button while facing them. In Animal Crossing (GCN) you had to light the room using the Z button. If you do not have a lamp in a room, that room will stay dark until you obtain a lamp item. If all the lights inside are out in every single room, the appearance of the windows outside the house at night will be black. If one light is on, all the windows will be emitting yellow.


Storage Units in Wild World and City Folk replace the basement from Animal Crossing (GCN). These include dressers, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, and refrigerators. They can hold up to 90 items in Wild World and 160 in City Folk.


Clocks show what time it is and move as real time passes. Some clocks even do different motions every hour.


TVs can be turned on by pressing A. There is a different show every hour, although you cannot control which show you want to watch. Sometimes the TV even shows the weather for tomorrow.


Tables can be used to place items on, such as for decorations, fruit or flowers.


Decorations include Plants, Paintings, Musical Instruments, Trophies, Mementos & Models, Vases, screens, vanities, dolls, fireplaces and other miscellany. They serve no specific purpose other than to improve the house and add to Feng Shui, if positioned correctly. They can be placed on the ground and on Tables or can be saved for later in Storage. Some items, such as the fireplace and the backyard pool, are animated.

Music Players

Music players, or Stereos, are used to play songs that can be received by K.K. Slider each Saturday night. Songs are set on a loop and may sound quite different from K.K's original song, but still retain the basic tune. Only one song can be played in each room at a time.


Fish and bugs can be caught outside and placed inside a house. Fish will appear in an aquarium (the size changes depending of the size of the fish) and bugs will appear in a glass box.


Leaves have often been included in stories about the Tanuki raccoon. Legend has it that the Tanuki raccoon could transform leaves into gold, often considering them as crafty creatures.