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The Game Collection Set is a furniture and clothing set that made its first appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, where it could be obtained for a limited time by purchasing Hopkins's Game Cookie from Timmy and Tommy from April 26th, 2018 to May 10th, 2018. Most of the items in this set are game consoles made by Nintendo. Some items like New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Console are appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo.

After the player received the Nintendo Switch NB/NR, a memory titled Hopkins vs. Roald: A Friendly Competition will unlock. This memory starring Hopkins and Roald.

Item listEdit

Animal Crossing: Pocket CampEdit

Game Collection Set in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Item Image Theme Rarity Chance Sell Price Size
Game Display Stand     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
Game-Exhibit Monitor     ★★★★ 5%   1550 Bells  
Game-Exhibit Screen     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
New Nintendo 3DS     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
New Nintendo 3DS XL     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
Nintendo GameCube     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
Nintendo Switch NB/NR     ★★★★★ 3%   1575 Bells  
Virtual Boy     ★★★ 13.6667%   1525 Bells  
Wii Balance Board     ★★★★ 5%   1550 Bells  
Wii U Console     ★★★★ 5%   1550 Bells