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This article is all about using tables on Nookipedia. It will teach you how to create tables in various articles.

Creating Tables[edit]

To create a table you first need to begin with {| and end with |}. An example is below

You type You get
{| style="font-size:15px"
! Item
! Amount
! Cost
|- style="text-decoration:underline"
| style="font-weight:bold" | 15.00
Item Amount Cost
Orange 10 7.00
Bread 4 3.00
Butter 1 5.00
Total 15.00

As you can see, each new line starting with | creates a new cell and a line with |- creates a new row. Using ! instead of | to start a line creates bold, centered text.

CSS can be used style tables, rows, and cells. An example can be seen in the above table where style="font-size:15px" is added after the opening table tag, and where style="text-decoration:underline" is added after a new row tag to style that specific row. One method to style an existing cell can be seen in the bottom right cell where the total of 15.00 is bolded.