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Ice-Cream Party Set

Ice-Cream Party Set PC.png

The Ice-Cream Party Set is a furniture and clothing set that made its first appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, where it could be obtained for a limited time by purchasing Bluebear's Party Cookie from Timmy and Tommy from July 18th, 2018 to September 16th, 2018. Most of the items in this set are ice-cream-themed.

After the player received the Giant Ice-Cream Sundae, a new memory titled Bluebear's Ice-Cream Party will be unlocked. This memory starring Bluebear, Mitzi, Julia and Cherry.

Item listEdit

Animal Crossing: Pocket CampEdit

Ice-Cream Party Set in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Item Image Theme Rarity Chance Sell Price Size
Deluxe Ice-Cream Cup     ★★★ 13.6667%   1480 Bells  
Giant Ice-Cream Sundae     ★★★★★ 3%   1570 Bells  
Ice-Cream Balloon Fence     ★★★ 13.6667%   1430 Bells  
Ice-Cream Cap     ★★★ 13.6667%   1480 Bells  
Ice-Cream Swirl Table     ★★★★ 5%   1560 Bells  
Ice-Cream-Cookie Sofa     ★★★★ 5%   1530 Bells  
Ice-Cream-Truck Shelf     ★★★★ 5%   1560 Bells  
Terry-Cloth Dress     ★★★ 13.6667%   1500 Bells  
Terrycloth Bow     ★★★ 13.6667%   1510 Bells  
Triple-Scoop-Cone Lamp     ★★★ 13.6667%   1460 Bells