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Insurance is a way of compensating the player with Bells after adverse events in Animal Crossing: Wild World. It can be obtained from Lyle when he visits town each Saturday from 6 AM to 6 PM. There are two types of insurance: accident insurance and damage insurance.

Accident insurance[edit]

The first time the player talks to Lyle, he will force the player to buy accident insurance for 3,000 Bells if they can afford it. This 'protects' the player from bee stings, as well as tripping (which can occur if the player wears the King Tut Wig or receives a bad fortune from Katrina). Lyle will send the player 100 Bells in the mail if either of these occurrences happen, but only one 100 Bell bonus can be achieved per day.

Damage insurance[edit]

After buying accident insurance, if the player talks to Lyle again on a subsequent Saturday, he will force them to buy damage insurance, which costs 6,000 Bells. Damage insurance offers some remorse if the player buys a Forgery from Crazy Redd; Lyle will pay 100 Bells if he is handed counterfeit art. However, the player must wait for the next mail delivery to actually receive the Bells.


  • If the player wishes to use Lyle to set or change the day in which Crazy Redd appears, they should approach Lyle with less than 3,000 Bells. Lyle will get angry ("bust his chops") at the lack of funds, but the player will not have to buy insurance.
  • A player needs to have over 30 accidents or buy over 60 counterfeit paintings to profit from purchasing insurance.

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