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| category = Floors
| category = Floors
| version-added = 1.0.0
| version-added = 1.0.0
| version-unlocked = 1.0.0
| unlocked = Yes
| theme1 = School
| theme1 = School
| buy1-price = 1380
| buy1-price = 1380

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Flooring NH Inv Icon.png Type of floor
Buy price Sell price
 1,380 Bells  345 Bells
Obtain via  Nook's Cranny
HHA themes School
HHA points ?
Names in other languages
 다크 나무 블록 바닥
 sol blocs de bois sombre
 sol blocs de bois sombre
 parqué cuadriculado oscuro
 parquet cuadriculado opaco
 pavimento blocchi scuri
 темный эко-пол
 donkere houten blokvloer

The Dark-Block Flooring is a floor item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Dark-Block Flooring can be obtained from Nook's Cranny for  1,380 Bells.