Kotatsu (New Horizons)

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Pattern shown: Well-frame pattern (Igeta)
Buy price Sell price
 3,700 Bells
 3,300 Poki
 925 Bells
Height Size
2.0 x 2.0 2.0 × 2.0
Obtain via  Nook's Cranny (upgraded) (winter)
Customize  Cyrus:  1,700 Bells
Remake kit 2 kits
Patterns 4 patterns
HHA themes Harmonious
HHA points 201

The Well-frame pattern (Igeta) pattern for the kotatsu.
Well-frame pattern (Igeta)

The Flowers pattern for the kotatsu.

The Checkered (Koushi) pattern for the kotatsu.
Checkered (Koushi)

The Stripes pattern for the kotatsu.

In other games
Doubutsu no Mori+ (blue kotatsu)
Doubutsu no Mori+ (pink kotatsu)
City Folk (blue kotatsu)
City Folk (pink kotatsu)
New Leaf (kotatsu)
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The kotatsu is a customizable houseware furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The item's top surface can be used to place smaller items, such as miscellaneous furniture.

The kotatsu can be obtained from the upgraded Nook's Cranny during the winter for  3,700 Bells. The item's blanket pattern can be customized either by using 2 customization kits or by Cyrus at Harv's Island for  1,700 Bells. When customizing the item's blanket pattern, the player can use one of Sable's patterns or their own custom designs.

This item appears as a furniture item in the homes of Admiral, Hamphrey, Marcel, and Wart Jr.. As a result, this item has a chance to be purchasable by the player if they were invited by any of the preceding villagers.

In Happy Home Paradise, this item is unlocked for use in designing when doing a vacation home request for Barold, Eunice, Hugh, Jeremiah, Kitt, Punchy, Purrl, Tank, and Wendy.

In the designing process of Happy Home Paradise, Barold, Purrl, and Wendy require this item to be placed in or outside their vacation home. This item is also required as one of the tables for the dining hall at the café, as one of the tables for the dining hall at the restaurant, and as one of the desks for the classroom at the school.

After unlocking this item in Happy Home Paradise, the item can be purchased from Wardell's catalog for  3,300 Poki.


The kotatsu has 4 patterns.

Well-frame pattern (Igeta)




Checkered (Koushi)




Kotatsu (Well-Frame Pattern (Igeta)) NH Icon.png Kotatsu (Flowers) NH Icon.png Kotatsu (Checkered (Koushi)) NH Icon.png Kotatsu (Stripes) NH Icon.png

Version differences

Prior to version 2.0, the kotatsu's Well-frame pattern (Igeta) and Checkered (Koushi) patterns were named Tic-Tac-Toe Pattern and Checkered respectively.

In other games