K.K. Bossa

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K.K. Bossa
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Unknown Italian Unknown Spanish Unknown
German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
AlbumArt-Bossa NH.png
Live Performance
Genre Bossa Nova
Mood Lazy
Owned by Goldie,
Cleo (PG),
Winnie (PG),
K.K. Slider (RV)
Order 11
Doubutsu no Mori
Animal Crossing
Doubutsu no Mori e+
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
Happy Home Designer
New Horizons

"K.K. Bossa"[nb 1], called "K.K. Rhythm" in Doubutsu no Mori (film), is a slow, light jazzy tune that is played by K.K. Slider in all the games in the Animal Crossing series to date, based on the Brazilian music genre, bossa nova or simply "bossa". Frank appears on the album art. Goldie, Mallary, Robin, Peggy, Wendy, Cleo, Lulu, Winnie (In Animal Crossing only), Margie and Chai all have K.K. Bossa playing in their homes.


K.K. Bossa is the only song to have been given lyrics—in Doubutsu no Mori (film), it was performed by K.K. Slider at the fireworks festival. Requested by Margie, it quickly becomes her theme song, representing her friendship with the main character, Ai. It was sung in Animalese with a translation running along the bottom of the screen. The following is an English translation of the Japanese lyrics:

A wave, a splash, a ripple
Ke Ke Ke
At the flow's end, what shall be?
A present found on the seashore
That is when a door will open
Maybe it was the key
The door's
other side
Lies excitement
Not just a faint breeze
In the same way
A switch of happiness
That way
You'll have
Somehow have made it become
A wave, a splash, a ripple
Ke Ke Ke
At the flow's end, what shall be?
A present found on the seashore
Is calling out to you
It seems to be.


Sprites and models


  1. Japanese: けけボッサ Hepburn: Keke bossa