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"If you want something done well, do it yourself."
— Kitty, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Japanese ショコラ Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Kitty Italian Ester Spanish Kassandra
German Karen Dutch Kitty Russian Китти
Kitty NLa.png
Species Personality Gender
Cat Snooty Female
Birthday February 15th Aquarius
Phrase mrowrr
Clothes Crewel Tee*
Saying If you want something done well, do it yourself.
Main Games
Other Games

Kitty is a snooty cat villager appearing in nearly all the games in the Animal Crossing series, except for Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Kitty's name comes from the word "kitten," the infant form of adult cats. Her original catchphrase is "mrowrr," which looks similar to "meow," the sound cats make. It also looks similar to "more," which may reflect on the greedy lifestyle of a snooty villager.




Kitty is a caramel brown and ivory white cat. Her snowy fur is found around her muzzle and behind her legs and arms, making her appear white from behind. She has a small tuft of dark chestnut hair between her pointed, midnight blue ears. There is light purple eyeliner and mascara around her intricate, deep dark chocolate eyes. Kitty has a sophisticated smile.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

As a snooty villager, Kitty will appear uptown, classy, and chic. Along with this, however, she will appear rude, belittling, and snobbish when talking to the player or other villagers in the town, usually criticizing their dress sense or fashion. When she has talked to the player enough times, she will befriend them but still remain subtly rude. As with all snooty villagers, she has an interest in clothes over other hobbies. She will have problems socializing with other villagers, usually lazy villagers by disagreeing with their choice of lifestyle, or getting offended by a jock villager, who has questioned her physical fitness. Kitty, like most snooty villagers, reads a magazine called Ms. Nintendique.


In City FolkEdit

Clothing   Fancy
Furniture Genre Trendy/Dignified
Furniture Series Regal
Furniture Color White
Ideal Furniture for Kitty – White Trendy/Dignified
Name Price Available From
Modern Bed 2,320 Tom Nook
Modern Dresser 2,250 Tom Nook
Modern Wardrobe 2,560 Crazy Redd
Modern Chair 1,500 Tom Nook
Modern Sofa 2,650 Tom Nook
Modern End Table 1,900 Crazy Redd
Modern Desk 2,480 Tom Nook
Modern Table 1,800 Tom Nook
Modern Cabinet 2,580 Spotlight
Modern Lamp 1,400 Tom Nook
More White Furniture More Trendy/Dignified Furniture

In New LeafEdit

  If you want something done well, do it yourself.
Siblings Middle of 3
Skill Writing letters
Goal CEO
Fear Monster Mask
Clothing   Official
  Rock 'n' Roll
Color White
Type Kilimanjaro
Milk None at all
Sugar None at all
Ideal Gifts for Kitty – White Official Items
Name Price Available From
Arrow Sign 3,500 Museum Shop
Coffee Cup - Brewster
Computer Desk 3,600 Timmy & Tommy's
Display Stand 1,500 Museum Shop
Exhibit Partition 3,000 Museum Shop
Flat Display Case 2,500 Museum Shop
Glass Display Case 2,000 Museum Shop
Homework Set 680 Timmy & Tommy's
Museum Chair 3,000 Museum Shop
Reception Table 2,000 Museum Shop
More White Items More Official Items


In Animal CrossingEdit

Style: No style
Items: Classic Dishes, Classic End Table, Red Armchair x2, Regal Bed, Gold Stereo, Regal Wardrobe, Lacy Umbrella, Rose Shirt, Classic Clock
Wall:   Rose Wallpaper
Carpet:   Fancy Carpet
Music: K.K. Étude

In City FolkEdit

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Style: No style
Items: Regal Bed, Gold Stereo, Regal Bookcase, Classic Clock, Red Armchair x2, Classic Table
Wall:   Rose Wall
Carpet:   Fancy Carpet
Music: K.K. Étude

In New LeafEdit

Have one to add?
Style: No style
Items: Regal Bed, Regal Bookcase, Regal Dresser, Rococo Sofa, Rococo Table, Violin, Music Stand, Croton, Regal Chair, Phonograph, Tea Set, Regal Wall Lamp, Air Conditioner
Wall:   Ornate Wall
Carpet:   Plush Carpet
Music: K.K. Étude

Other appearancesEdit

In Happy Home DesignerEdit

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Snooty Cat
Client's Vision: A sidewalk bistro.
Required Items: Menu Chalkboard, Bistro Table, Espresso Maker
Favorite Song: Café K.K.
Favorite Saying: If you want something done well, do it yourself.

Card profilesEdit

Animal Crossing e-Reader cardEdit

Animal Crossing-e card
#127 Kitty - Series 3
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Clothes: Crewel Shirt
Sign: Aquarius
Phrase: mrowrr
Password: sVaW66gNXm6ByR
126 Monique Animal Crossing-e cards
#127 Kitty
128 Opal

Animal Crossing amiibo cardEdit

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#166 Kitty - Series 2
Type: Cat
Star sign: Aquarius
Birthday: February 15th
Dice value: 4
Hand sign: Rock
165 Filbert List of amiibo cards
#166 Kitty
167 Beau


Names in other languagesEdit