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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming to the Nintendo Switch!
Coming March 20th, 2020.

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Jingle NLa.png

Jingle (ジングル, Jinguru, Jingle) is a reindeer character in the Animal Crossing series. He appears once a year on Christmas Eve for Toy Day, a made-up event in Animal Crossing in-place of Christmas. He delivers presents, thought to be on behalf of Santa Claus, but he is never seen handing over any presents to other villagers. He is the only way to obtain items from the Jingle series. (Read More)

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Animal Crossing Stage - Super Smash Bros for Wii U.jpg
Preview of an Animal Crossing stage from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, showcasing the City.

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Animal Crossing Switch with Isabelle by lulilolly on Instagram

Animal Crossing Switch with Isabelle by lulilolly

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Nookipedia News

20th February, 2020
New Horizons - Nintendo has released a New Horizons-focused Direct, a roughly 25 minute "Deep Dive into Deserted Island Life".
31st January, 2020
New Horizons - A limited edition Nintendo Switch was revealed that will launch alongside the game on March 20th and include a digital download code. The North American version will launch on March 13th and is not bundled with ACNH.
10th January, 2020
Promotion - Decomposer has been promoted to the Patroller position, making him our first new staff member of the decade! Congratulations!
2nd January, 2020
New Horizons - Nintendo has released a 30-second teaser-trailer for the game, the Deserted Island Getaway Package Primer.
18th November, 2019
Promotion - sunmarsh has been promoted to Editor in Chief of Nookipedia. Congratulations!

What's Out Right Now

It's 4:17 AM (EST)
the following critters are out and about...

Bugs out right now

Name Image Price Location
Dung Beetle Dung Beetle HHD Icon.png 800 Rolling snowballs
Hermit Crab Hermit Crab HHD Icon.png 1,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png On beach
Mole Cricket Mole Cricket HHD Icon.png 280 Underground
Bagworm Bagworm HHD Icon.png 300 In trees
Pill Bug Pill Bug HHD Icon.png 250 Under rocks
Bee Bee HHD Icon.png 4,500 In trees
Ant Ant HHD Icon.png 80 On candy or rotten turnips
Wharf Roach Wharf Roach HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png On beach
Fly Fly HHD Icon.png 60 Near spoiled turnips
Redhibiscusacnl.png = Also found on island    Yellowhibiscusacnl.png = Island exclusive bug

Fish out right now

Name Image Price Location
Dace Dace HHD Icon.png 200 In river
Koi Koi HHD Icon.png 4,000 In river
Freshwater Goby Freshwater Goby HHD Icon.png 300 In river
Stringfish Stringfish HHD Icon.png 15,000 In river
Football Fish Football Fish HHD Icon.png 2,500 In ocean
Coelacanth Coelacanth HHD Icon.png 15,000 In ocean1
Bitterling Bitterling HHD Icon.png 900 In river
Yellow Perch Yellow Perch HHD Icon.png 240 In river
Pond Smelt Pond Smelt HHD Icon.png 300 In river
Sea Butterfly Sea Butterfly HHD Icon.png 1,000 In ocean
Dab Dab HHD Icon.png 300 In ocean
Squid Squid HHD Icon.png 400 Redhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Tuna Tuna HHD Icon.png 7,000 In ocean
Oarfish Oarfish HHD Icon.png 9,000 In ocean
Crucian Carp Crucian Carp HHD Icon.png 120 In river
Barbel Steed Barbel Steed HHD Icon.png 200 In river
Carp Carp HHD Icon.png 300 In river
Goldfish Goldfish HHD Icon.png 1,300 In river
Black Bass Black Bass HHD Icon.png 300 In river
Horse Mackerel Horse Mackerel HHD Icon.png 150 Redhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Sea Bass Sea Bass HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Red Snapper Red Snapper HHD Icon.png 3,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Olive Flounder Olive Flounder HHD Icon.png 800 Redhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Ribbon Eel Ribbon Eel HHD Icon.png 600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Giant Trevally Giant Trevally HHD Icon.png 4,500 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Whale Shark Whale Shark HHD Icon.png 13,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png In ocean
Redhibiscusacnl.png = Also found on island    Yellowhibiscusacnl.png = Island exclusive fish

Deep sea creatures out right now

Name Image Price Shadow
Turban Shell Turban Shell HHD Icon.png 300 Small
Abalone Abalone HHD Icon.png 400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Ear Shell Ear Shell HHD Icon.png 300 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp HHD Icon.png 1,250 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sweet Shrimp Sweet Shrimp HHD Icon.png 650 Small
Seaweed Seaweed HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Large
Oyster Oyster HHD Icon.png 400 Small
Clam Clam HHD Icon.png 300 Small
Sea Cucumber Sea Cucumber HHD Icon.png 150 Medium
Snow Crab Snow Crab HHD Icon.png 4,000 Large
Horsehair Crab Horsehair Crab HHD Icon.png 4,000 Medium
Red King Crab Red King Crab HHD Icon.png 6,000 Large
Acorn Barnacle Acorn Barnacle HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Tiny
Pearl Oyster Pearl Oyster HHD Icon.png 1,600 Small
Scallop Scallop HHD Icon.png 1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea Anemone Sea Anemone HHD Icon.png 100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea Star Sea Star HHD Icon.png 100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sea Slug Sea Slug HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Lobster Lobster HHD Icon.png 2,500 Redhibiscusacnl.png Large
Spotted Garden Eel Spotted Garden Eel HHD Icon.png 600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Small
Chambered Nautilus Chambered Nautilus HHD Icon.png 900 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Giant Isopod Giant Isopod HHD Icon.png 9,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Redhibiscusacnl.png = Also found on island    Yellowhibiscusacnl.png = Island exclusive creature

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