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NookLink as it appears in the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app on Android.

NookLink is a service in the Nintendo Switch Online mobile application that connects with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To connect, the player must open the settings from the title screen of New Horizons and talk to Tom Nook. After this the player will be able to sync up various online services featured in the game.


NookLink is divided into app-like sections, similar to the in-game NookPhone.


Passport NookLink Icon.png Shows the player's passport, as well as their custom design creator ID and the current residents of their island. Beginning in an update on July 30, 2020, the player's Dream Address, recent dreams, and total number of visitors to their dream are also shown.


Designs NookLink Icon.png Allows the user to scan design QR codes created in Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and import them into New Horizons.


Keyboards NookLink Icon.png Brings up a chat keyboard where the user can type messages to appear in-game.

Best Friends

Best Friends NookLink Icon.png Allows the user to view a list of their Best Friends as well as their online status.


Reactions NookLink Icon.png Allows the user to use Reactions through the app. The five most recently used Reactions are also shown. The Reactions feature was added in an update on October 6, 2020.[1]


Catalog NookLink Icon.png Allows the user to view their catalog and mark items as favorites. The player can search for items either by name or criteria, such as category or color. The 20 most recent items that were added to a player's catalog can also be viewed by tapping 'New Items'. The catalog feature was added in an update on November 29, 2020.[2]

Nook Points

This section is about the reward system introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For the loyalty program in Wild World and City Folk, see Tom Nook Point System.

Nook Points NookLink Icon.png This service allows the player to receive 10 Nook Points each day, which can be redeemed for unique items. The daily 10 Nook Points have a chance of being multiplied by 2, 3, or 5. Purchased items are mailed to the player's house immediately in a letter from the NookLink Admins; up to two items can be purchased per day. This feature was added in an update on March 30, 2021.[3]

The user can view the last 100 items purchased with Nook Points, and Words of Wisdom from Katrina are shown each time points are received.


The following items can be purchased from NookLink with Nook Points.

NookLink items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Item Image Type Buy price Sell price Available from
Aloha-Edition Carrying Case Aloha-Edition Carrying Case Furniture  60 Nook Points  620 Bells  NookLink
Nook Inc. Doorplate Nook Inc. Doorplate Furniture  40 Nook Points  375 Bells  NookLink
Nook Inc. Poster Nook Inc. Poster Furniture  10 Nook Points  160 Bells  NookLink
Isabelle's Photo Isabelle's Photo Photo  100 Nook Points  10 Bells  NookLink
Timmy and Tommy's Photo Timmy and Tommy's Photo Photo  100 Nook Points  10 Bells  NookLink
Tom Nook's Photo Tom Nook's Photo Photo  100 Nook Points  10 Bells  NookLink
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Settings NookLink Icon.png Allows the user to change which of the island's residents to play as, change the app's language, and view copyright information and credits.


Names in other languages

Japanese タヌポータル
Tanu Portal

Korean 너굴포털
Neogul Portal

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
狸端机入口站 / 狸端機入口站
Lí duān jī rùkǒu zhàn
Liduanji Entrance Station

Russian NookLink

Dutch NookLink

German NookLink

European Spanish NookLink

European French NookLink

Italian NookLink