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The NookPhone interface as seen in-game

The NookPhone is a smartphone the player is gifted by Tom Nook at the beginning of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, part of the Deserted Island Getaway Package. In-game, Tom Nook explains to the player that he had the phones made for every individual on the island.

Opening the phone allows the player to access the various apps, which can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. Apps unlocked by default include the Camera, Critterpedia, Map, Passport, and ! Rescue Service apps. A unique feature of the phone is the ability to call a Rescue Service. If the player uses the service, it allows the player to reappear outside their chosen location. Using this specific app costs Nook Miles, while all other apps do not.

After completing Tom Nook's workshop on customization, Customizable Phone Case Kits can be purchased from the Nook Stop for Nook Miles NH Icon Cropped.png 1,800 Nook Miles each. Customizable Phone Case Kits allow players to change the NookPhone's case to a custom design.


App Unlocked By Description
  Camera Available from start Allows the player to pan and zoom the camera to take snapshots, as well as set a filter and border style.
  Nook Miles Available from start
Nook Miles+ accessible after the player pays off their initial Mortgage.
Displays Nook Miles and Nook Miles+ challenges and allows the player to collect miles after completing them.
  Critterpedia Catching a bug, fish, or sea creature Displays an encyclopedia of bugs, fish, and sea creatures the player has caught and indicates if they've been donated to the museum.
  DIY Recipes Completing Tom Nook's workshop Displays all DIY recipes the player has collected.
  Nook Shopping Buy 100 items from Nook Shopping at the Nook Stop Access the full Nook Shopping catalog from the NookPhone
  Island Designer Receiving the Island Designer Construction Permit Allows the player to terraform and lay paths on the island, as well as request cleanup of items or view the manual.
  Custom Designs Available from start (standard designs)
800 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop (PRO designs)
Allows the player to view, use, and edit custom designs.
  Map Available from start Displays a map of the player's island, showing where buildings are as well as indicating the player's position.
  Chat Log Using multiplayer Displays the chat history of players during Multiplayer.
  Passport Available from start Displays the player's Passport and allows them to edit their photo, comment, and title.
  Best Friends List Using multiplayer Displays a list of other players added as friends showing their online status, and allows the player to manage Best Friend requests.
  Call Islander Having another player move to the island Allows the player to summon another resident to play local co-op multiplayer
  ! Rescue Service Available from start Calls the Rescue Service, who will transport the player to a location on the island for 100 Nook Miles.