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This page documents all Nookipedia Assets including logos and official site colors.


The official Nookipedia color is #67AD42. The font used in the logos is Fink Heavy.

Nookipedia Logo Plain.png
Nookipedia Logo Outlined.png
    Nookipedia Leaf & Text.png    Nookipedia Leaf.png


We sometimes create variations of our logo for special events, occasions, and seasons.


Nookipedia Leaf & Text (NH).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Autumn).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Halloween).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Winter).png

New Horizons Autumn Halloween Winter


Nookipedia Logo Outlined (Autumn).png

Nookipedia Logo Plain (Dark Blue).png

Nookipedia Logo Outlined (Winter).png

Autumn Halloween Winter