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This page is an official policy page This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
This is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.

Since Nookipedia is an encyclopaedia covering the entire Animal Crossing universe, we feel that our scope covers things such as seeds and Action Replay. Although Nookipedia provide this content, we do not endorse it, nor advise against it. By using the codes and cheats on Nookipedia, you are accepting that anything that happens to your game and the console you play it on is not the fault of Nookipedia and that it is a risk that you yourself have decided to take.

As Nookipedia can be edited by anyone, we cannot confirm that we have tested all cheats on the site ourselves. If you would like to help the site by verifying cheats and testing them on your game, it is a risk you are taking and we again cannot be held responsible for your game.

If you notice a page that does not have the Template:UC template added and you can still identify it as a Universal Code, the policy still applys and we take no responsibility for your game.