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To celebrate Nintendo's birthday on September 23rd, NIWA is hosting a Cross-Wiki Weekend Event! From September 20th - 22nd, everyone is invited to constructively edit NIWA wikis that they have never (or infrequently) edited before. Whether it's adding some new content, uploading an image, or adding a reference, we want you to take your experience and love for Nintendo to a new wiki. At the end of the event, one random participant will win a $20 Nintendo e-Shop Gift Card! At the end of the event, submit your contributions using the button at the bottom of this page.

Nookipedia will be participating in the event, and some examples of work that needs to be done around the site are presented below. Experienced wiki editors may want to check Nookipedia:Maintenance for a full breakdown of all ongoing wiki maintenance projects.

Feel free to post any questions on the community fountain or on Discord on the #wiki channel.

NIWA Staff: Staff members from other NIWA wikis who have a Discord account may contact Jake via DM to request autopatrolled rights.

To-Do List

Also visit Nookipedia's Task Board to find new things to do!
  1. Bugs/Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    • Replace the New Leaf bug images with their corresponding HHD Icon (e.g. Common Butterfly HHD Icon.png).
    • Add information on rarity, average size, and peak times with info from Liquefy's guide. For bugs with no peak times use a dash "-".
    • Verify existing time, month and location information in the table with data from Liquefy's guide.
  2. Bugs
  3. Fish/Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  4. Deep sea creature
  5. Tortimer Island
    • Replace the New Leaf bug images with their corresponding HHD Icon (e.g. Common Butterfly HHD Icon.png).
    • Convert existing tables to the new table format (e.g. New Leaf). Result should resemble Fish/Animal Crossing: Wild World.
    • Fill in the new tables with data from Liquefy's guide
  6. House customization
    • Add images for remaining house customizations.
  7. Fish/Animal Crossing: City Folk
    • Add image of Seahorse and convert all images to a transparent background.
  8. Bugs/Animal Crossing: City Folk
    • Convert all images to a transparent background.
  9. Bugs/Animal Crossing: Wild World
  10. Category:E+ Items
    • Add newly uploaded Doubutsu no Mori e+ images to their relevant item pages (e.g. Blue Series, expand first table)
  11. Improve content/add intrawiki links on our most-visited pages:

Easy Tasks

Articles in Need of More Detail

Articles in Need of Images

Pages that Need to be Linked From Somewhere Else

Advanced Tasks

Files that Need Categorization

Pages that Need to be Created or be Unlinked

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