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Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]


Members that do not contribute adequately may be considered inactive and may be placed in the retirement list if they are inactive for long enough. Please use good judgment if you think a member is no longer eligible. If you want to be a leader yourself, just ask! Applicants must be active users who have already made significant contributions to the project and on good terms with their peers.

Project Furniture Icon.png This user is a member of Project Furniture.

Member benefits? Yeah, you get this really nasty userbox we found lying on the streets, soaked in a puddle. To put it on your userpage, just add {{UB Project Furniture}} to your userbox tower. Have fun with it! (You also get free soda refills, but the soda dispenser has malfunctioned and won't be fixed for another century!)[1]


  1. We take no responsibility of damages associated with waiting for another century to get our soda dispensers repaired.