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==Current proposals==
==Current proposals==
| title = Implement new [[Nookipedia:Polls]] policy
| title =
| description = A couple of months ago, I suggested [[Nookipedia talk:The Roost#Reviving the idea of polls|reviving the idea of polls]] on the wiki, and a majority were in support of the idea. As such, I've devised a new policy in regards how the main page polls will work from now on [[User:PanchamBro/Sandbox/Black|here]]. To summarize:
| description =
* This policy will call for the switching of the poll every '''1st''' and '''15th''' of every month.
* A poll committee will be established, tasked with selecting the new poll for the main page. They will start a session to discuss what poll to use a week before the poll is switched out.
* Guidelines on what a poll should be (poll related to the {{SER}}; minimum of three choices, maximum of ten; question are straightforward, simple; lighthearted poll only, no controversial ones; users have the option to display their username for suggesting the poll).
* Guidelines on how to start a poll and how to archive a poll.
That's a lot to take in, but hopefully if this system is implemented, our main page poll system would work. -- [[User:PanchamBro|PanchamBro]] ([[User talk:PanchamBro|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/PanchamBro|contributions]]) 21:38, September 20, 2022 (EDT)
| comments =
| comments =
| votes = *{{Support}} [[User:Drago|<span style="font-family:Coustard;color:green">Drago</span>]] [[User talk:Drago|<span style="font-family:Coustard;color:purple">(talk)</span>]]    [[File:Drago PC Villager Icon.png|20px]] 10:48, September 21, 2022 (EDT)
| votes =
*{{Support}} {{User:Kalina70/Sig}} 19:32, September 21, 2022 (CET)
| year = <!--Staff use only.-->
*{{Support}} [[User:Chubby Bub|Chubby Bub]] ([[User talk:Chubby Bub|talk]]) 06:55, September 22, 2022 (EDT)
| month = <!--Staff use only.-->
*{{Support}} '''~'''&nbsp;[[User:AlexBot2004|<span style="font-family:Coustard;color:#1C662A">'''AlexBot2004'''</span>]]&nbsp;([[User talk:AlexBot2004|<span style="font-family:Coustard;color:black">Talk</span>]]) 15:24, September 22, 2022 (EDT)
| day = <!--Staff use only.-->
*{{Support}} [[User:Toadalind|💜Toadalind💜]] ([[User talk:Toadalind|talk]]) 20:29, September 23, 2022 (EDT)
| hour = <!--Staff use only.-->
*{{Support}} {{User: K Kit/sig}} 23:42, September 27, 2022 (EDT)
| minute = <!--Staff use only.-->
| year = 2022
| month = 9
| day = 27
| hour = 21
| minute = 39
| percent = <!--Staff use only.-->
| percent = <!--Staff use only.-->
| result = <!--Staff use only.-->
| result = <!--Staff use only.-->

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Nookipedia Proposals allow the community to vote on sitewide changes that would affect a large number of pages or users. This process is not a replacement for community-wide input (see:The Roost) or talk page discussion. Rather, it takes the final product of those discussions (in the form form of a proposal) and puts them to a vote.


  • Proposals are only necessary for changes that would affect a large number of pages or users. Some examples: rules/policy changes, adding/removing namespaces, making major modifications to/replacing templates that affect 1000+ pages.
  • Proposals are for voting on fully worked out ideas. They should not have any yet-to-be-determined components: no 'option a, b, or c'. Proposals may be submitted without prior public comment or feedback, but should not receive major edits or changes once voting has started.
  • Proposals can only be submitted and voted upon by registered users. Comments or votes from unregistered users will be removed immediately. Furthermore, all votes or comments must have a signature attached (~~~~). Users are not allowed to vote on their own proposal, but may respond to comments.
  • Proposals will be open for seven days. This voting deadline can be extended upon request, at the discretion of a Bureaucrat.
  • At the end of the voting period, if the proposal has at least a 2/3 majority (66%) it will be considered successful. A Bureaucrat will then officially close the proposal, and either enact it themselves, or coordinate with other staff members to make sure the proposal is completed.
  • Once a proposal has been enacted, the staff member responsible will make a note here and move the proposal to the Archives.

How to make a proposal

All proposals must be made using the template provided below, posted under the "Current Proposals" heading:

| title       = A short, one-sentence description of the proposal.
| description = Additional proposal details/explanation.
| comments    = User commentary on proposal.
| votes       = User votes on proposal: {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} + signature (~~~~).

Current proposals

There are no current proposals at this time.