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A stub is an article that has a significant lack of information on its subject. A page can be marked as a stub by placing the {{Stub}} template in it. Stubs are not based on page length, but rather on how complete an article's coverage of its subject is. Some articles are short, yet still cover everything there is to cover on a subject and are therefore not stubs. Similarly, an article can be long but still lacking in a significant area, and therefore still be considered a stub.

A list of articles currently marked as stubs can be found at Category:Stubs.

Marking an article as a stub[edit]

Generally, a page should only be marked as a stub if it lacks significant information throughout the page or in multiple sections. If only a single section is lacking, the {{Section}} template can be placed in that specific section to mark it as a stub section. If only a small or specific thing is needed for an article, {{To-do}} or other notice templates can be placed on the page instead. The {{Stub}} template should be placed at the bottom of a page, after all the sections and before any navboxes or categories. The {{Section}} template should be placed at the top of a section, right below the header. If a page or section has been expanded and no longer qualifies as a stub, the {{Stub}} or {{Section}} template can be removed.

Villager and creature pages have unique stub templates ({{Villager Stub}} and {{Critter Stub}}) that should be placed on those pages instead of the standard stub template.

Insufficient stubs[edit]

An insufficient stub is an extremely short article that contains little to no useful information on a subject (e.g. an article for Animal Crossing: New Horizons having only the text: "Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game."). Insufficient stubs should not be marked as a stub but rather marked for deletion.