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The Observatory in City Folk'
Service Observatory
Services Star gazing
Opening hours All day
Appearances Unknown

The Observatory is a room located upstairs in the Museum. It is run by Celeste, the sister of Blathers. It was first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, and also featured in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

In the observatory, there is a large telescope which you can look through. You can do two things with a telescope. You can stargaze at the sky or you can create a constellation.

If you choose to create a constellation, you may only have up to 16 lines in your design. When you are finished you simply press done. Celeste will then ask you what you would like to call your constellation. Once you give it a name, she will put your design in the database. She will then tell you the exact day and time your constellation will be noticable from the sky. If you go out on the day and time she tells you, you will get to see your creation float in the sky above!

You may create multiple constellations.

When you visit a friend over Wi-Fi, you will exchange constellations, meaning you will see theirs appear in your sky in addition to your own, and they will see yours.

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