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Photo Booth
NL Photo Booth Exterior.png
Outside the Photo Booth
NL Photo Booth Interior.png
Inside the Photo Booth
Function TPC photo
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances

The Photo Booth is a location in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that allows the player to take or retake their Town Pass Card photo for 500 Bells.

A three-second countdown allows the player to time their emotion so that it can be displayed on the TPC. The player's joke book will appear on the bottom screen, if available. If the player holds down the "R" button, the photo will be printed in sepia tone, and if the player holds down the "L" button, the photo will be printed in grayscale. After a picture is taken, if the player is unsatisfied with the result, the player may retake the photo as many times as desired for free before leaving the booth.

The Photo Booth can only be accessed when the player is not in multiplayer mode: that is, they are not connected to a network. The player is unable to have their TPC photo taken otherwise, and the green light above the booth turns red.

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