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Rebuilding a town is an option in every Animal Crossing series game thus far. Rebuilding a town is, as the name implies, making a new town. It deletes the player's current town forever, so once they use the option, they can't get back their old town. Once rebuilt, it seems as if the game was never played beyond the title screen, and, just like if the game was new, the town has been completely remodeled and is completely untouched.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, Tom Nook will offer to buy the player's town, as long as it has reached Level 3.[clarification needed] He gives a price based on how much progress has been done; additionally, the player has the option to sell their catalog for extra Bells. Tom Nook will offer the player to have all of their Bells transported instantly to the new towns ABD or have a number of Bells be deposited every 30 days with a slight increase in the amount received. Once the player has everything ready to be sold, Tom Nook will give them one last chance to back out the deal; if they proceed, their town will be lost forever and the Bells will be added to their ABD when the new town is created, if they refuse the deal, the player will return back to Isabelle.

If the player does not have the requirements to talk to Tom Nook about selling their town in Welcome amiibo, Isabelle will give them a final warning before erasing everything.


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