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The school is a building that appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Early in the game, the player is able to design and place furniture and other objects inside it, similar to how the player designs villager houses.

HHD School Construction.jpg
The unopened school in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
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It is larger than homes, however, at 12 x 8 spaces. There are a choice of three roof colors (red, green, and blue). After completing the first set of facilities (Hospital, Cafe, and the Shop) the player will be able to renovate the school and expand it to include two classrooms and a hallway. When the player renovates the school, the exterior may be changed. Three new exterior designs are unlocked upon this.

A completion ceremony is held after the player finishes designing the building, which is similar to a public works project completion ceremony.

After being made, the school has 'Student' and 'Teacher' villagers. There is a chance that it could be 'breaktime' instead of there being lessons. As with other facilities, villagers can be invited, but not special characters, to be students or teachers.

Tom Nook has a chance to appear in the hallways. Talking to him lets him explain an incident with a paper bag he had experienced when he was at school himself.


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