Sea Star

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"I got a sea star! Is a group called a constellation?" —New Leaf
Sea Star
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Sea Star NL.png
Scientific name Certonardoa semiregularis
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Location Ocean and Island
Size 25 cm
Shadow size Small
Shadow movement Uniform
Rarity Very common
Selling price 100 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Sea Star (ヒトデ, Hitode) is a type of deep sea creature found only in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This game marks the first appearance of Sea Stars.

Donating to the museum

In New Leaf

After being donated to the museum, the Sea Star can be found in the large pool in the first room of the ocean exhibit, along with many other species of deep sea creatures. It is found in the section of the pool closest to the entrance. The exhibit says this about the Sea Star:

"These star-shaped creatures have hundreds of tiny feet attached to their mobile arms. This allows them to slowly walk and open shellfish for food, making them effective predators. If an arm gets caught and ripped off by another predator, the sea star's arm will just grow back. Some sea stars eat by extending their stomachs out of their mouths to trap and then digest prey."