Shovelstrike Quarry

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Shovelstrike Quarry
Map Icon Shovelstrike Quarry ACPC.png
Map icon of Shovelstrike Quarry
Services Digging ores
Staff Lloid
Opening Hours Once per day
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Shovelstrike Quarry is a location introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The player can use a shovel to mine rocks to collect ore, which includes gold nugget, silver nugget, ruby, and sapphire. These ores can be sold for Bells or used for crafting. This location is hosted by Lloid.

The player have two choices to enter the quarry. Call for help to 5 friends, then wait to them lent a hand or pay 20 Leaf Tickets. The player who helped a friend will get 100 Bells for entering or 10 Bells for not entering.

Names in other languages

German Schaufelgrube Shovel mine

European Spanish Cantera Apalazos Shovelling Quarry

European French Carrière Cascayas

Italian Cava Spalaspala Shove shove cave

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