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File information - File Info
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{{File Info
|description = 
|source = 
|edits = 
|other-versions = 
|source-file-name = 

This template is to be used on file pages to describe the file in question. It has six variables:

  • description — Can be a descriptive sentence or two about what's in the image, or even a mere link to the subject that's pictured. All files should have a description and ones that do not are automatically added to Category:Files without a description.
  • source — The source of the file, such as an external link to where you originally found the image. If you generated the image yourself, i.e. with a capture card or scanner, put what program/capture card you used to get the image. If your used a game/console's built-in screenshot function, put the console as the source (e.g. Nintendo Switch native capture). If it is from a website, link to the page it was displayed on or the file page itself. All files should have a source and ones that do not are automatically added to Category:Files without a source.
  • edits — If the image has been altered from the original in any way (including cropping or optimizing), describe the modifications.
  • other-versions — If there is another image on the same subject (e.g. multiple angles of the same artwork or a storage icon/sprite and an inventory icon), link to it using [[:File:Filename.ext]].
  • source-file-name — The file's original name if it comes from an official Nintendo-owned source (e.g. nintendo.com, animal-crossing.com, press kits, ripped directly from a game, but not third-party sites), the original filename (including extension) should be noted. Note that files ripped directly from a game usually use non-standard file types, so if a ripped file is a PNG, it has likely been converted. If this is the case and you do not know the original file extension, simply leave the extension out.

All parameters are optional, although every file should have a description and source. The first two variables are the most commonly used ones, and they can simply be entered like this:
   {{aboutfile|description = |source = }}

This template was adapted from Template:Aboutfile on Super Mario Wiki.