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This template displays the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings. It is usually placed at the bottom of the page following the trivia section.


Each language has a base parameter and an M (meaning) parameter. Languages that do not use the latin alphabet also take an R (romanization) parameter. The following languages are currently supported:

ja, ja-r, ja-m
Japanese name, romanization, meaning
ko, ko-r, ko-m
Korean name, romanization, meaning
zh, zh-r, zh-m
Chinese (simplified) name, pinyin romanization, meaning
Chinese (traditional) name
zhq, zhq-r, zhq-m
Chinese (iQue player) name, pinyin romanization, meaning
ru, ru-r, ru-m
Russian name, romanization, meaning
nl, nl-m
Dutch name, meaning
de, de-m
German name, meaning
es, es-m
Spanish (European) name, meaning
esl, esl-m
Spanish (Latin American) name, meaning
fr, fr-m
French (European) name, meaning
frq, frq-m
French (Quebec) name, meaning
it, it-m
Italian name, meaning
pt, pt-m
Portuguese (European) name, meaning
ptb, ptb-m
Portuguese (Brazilian) name, meaning


| ja   = クリボー
| ja-r = Kuribō
| ja-m = chestnut people