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| border-c = {{{3|#9ACD32}}}
| border-c = {{{3|#9ACD32}}}
| id      = [[Image:{{{2}}}|50px]]
| id      = [[File:{{{2}}}|50px]]
| id-c    = {{{4|#9ACD32}}}
| id-c    = {{{4|#9ACD32}}}
| info    = This user wants to live in '''{{{1}}}'''.
| info    = This user wants to live in '''{{{1}}}'''.

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[[File:{{{2}}}|50px]] This user wants to live in {{{1}}}.



{{UB Country Wish|<Country>|<Flag>}}

Note: the first two fields must be filled out in order for the userbox to display properly.

This userbox may be set to display a country names. Replace <Country> in the above code with the name of your desired country.

Additionally, the userbox may display the country's flag. Replace <Flag> in the above code with the file name and extension of your desired flag. See Category:Flags for the flags available on Nookipedia; if the flag you want is not available, you may upload it yourself or request it.


The colors of this userbox may be customized:

{{UB Country Wish|<Country>|<Flag>|<border>|<imagebg>|<textbg>|<text>}}

Replace the appropriate fields with the desired color. If you don't want to change one of the colors, use its default, which is listed below next to the field.

  • border (#9ACD32)- the border around the userbox
  • imagebg (#9ACD32)- the background behind the console image
  • textbg (#ADFF2F)- the color behind the text
  • text (#000000)- the color of the text


Flag of Antarctica.png This user wants to live in Antarctica.
{{UB Country Wish|Antarctica|Flag of Antarctica.png}}
Flag of the United States.png This user wants to live in the United States.
{{UB Country Wish|the United States|Flag of the United States.png|#FF0012|#FFFFFF|#00209C|#FFFFFF}}