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To collect images or userboxes into a single column grouping easily. This template is not just for userboxes; it is also an efficient way of creating a column of images to run along the side of an article.


If you want the basic userbox design (which takes up little code space) simply use:

{{Userboxes}}Insert userboxes here{{Userboxesend}}

To change the design, use this longer code version, and change the info after the = signs:

| align           = Alignment (left or right). Default is right.
| left            = Any left margin value. Default is 1.
| backgroundcolor = Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Default is #FFFFFF.
| bordercolor     = Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Default is #99B3FF.
| extra-css       = Allows you to provide additional CSS style information.
| textcolor       = Any web color (name or #XXXXXX hex format). Default is #000000.
| toptext         = Changes the standard Userbox text and link. Can include wiki-markup.
| columns         = Number of columns (default is 1).

Userboxes go here