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Just an average Animal Crossing fan. Have played Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. New Horizons is my favourite.


My island of Horizonia (New Horizons)[edit]

My town of Leffield (New Leaf)[edit]



(A picture next to their name means they've given me their pic.)


Special Character Pics I own[edit]

Favourite villagers[edit]

(Sortable, one per species. [Their icons are links to their pages, of course.])

Icon Name Species Additional Notes
  Ankha Cat I really love her historical vibes! Also my favourite villager, as you have probably seen above.
  Cherry Dog Cute and cool. Possibly tied for second favourite.
  Chief Wolf Wolves are awesome. Possibly tied for second favourite.
  Marina Octopus Octopuses are good people. Possibly tied for second favourite.
  Fauna Deer Cute and a reasonable colour scheme.
  Eugene Elvis Koala Very classy!
  Ganon Evil Pig Who couldn't love the King of Evil?
  Raddle Frog Doctor I like weird design choices sometimes.
  Static Squirrel I feel like I'm one of the few to slightly prefer him over Marshal.
  Tutu Polar Bear Polar bears are my favourite type of bear, and Tutu is adorable. Possibly tied for second favourite villager ever. Megan is a close second for favourite bear!
  Judy Bear Cub Incredibly cute and pleasing pastel design! Has displaced Maple as favourite bear cub.
  Drago Alligator Dragon Let him believe he is a dragon.
  Elvis Lion Very cool, because he is a big cat.
  Rowan Tiger Big cats are cool. A bit vanilla in design, but still great.
  Nana Monkey Actually kinda cute.
  Anabelle Anteater Had her in an old WW town. She is nice.
  Twiggy Bird Her angry eyebrows are legit charming.
  Patty Bovine None of the bovines stand out to me much, but I like Patty okay.
  Ken Chicken Ninja Ninja chicken. Cool.
  Apollo Eagle Eagles are cool.
  Scoot Duck Silly in the best way.
  Phoebe Phoenix Ostrich Had a tough time deciding between her, Blanche, and Julia.
  Aurora Penguin Quite cute.
  Mira Rabbit Superheroine Superheroes are supercool. Coco is a very close second for favourite rabbit.
  Margie Elephant Her design is quite nice.
  Kidd Goat He's so chill. He rocks the beardless male look, all the way!
  Bella Mouse A metalhead who is also nice to you? Heck yes! Also a freckled cutie.
  Bubbles Hippo One of the only hippos whose design speaks to me non-neutrally.
  Reneigh Horse Move over, Epona! We have a new best horse in town!
  Merengue Rhino Very cute, and pleasant.
  Vesta Sheep One of the only sheep I like to any real extent.
  Carrie Kangaroo Really cute and charming design.
  Hamlet Hamster So cute. I also like his name.
  Rocket Gorilla Not keen on the gorillas, but Rocket's pretty cool.

Least favourite villagers[edit]

(Sortable, one per species. By default in the same order as the other list. [Their icons are links to their pages, of course.])

Icon Name Species Additional Notes
  Pierre Clown Cat Disturbing, even for a clown.
  Marcel Dog What is this? A mime dog? Kind of odd-looking.
  Dobie Wolf Wolves are awesome. Dobie, however, is not.
  Inkwell Octopus I actually like all the octopus villagers quite a bit, including Inkwell. It's just that I like the other three more.
  Chelsea Deer I don't feel strongly one way or another about her. I do like the other deer villagers, and to varying degrees.
  Alice Human Koala Why? Who thought this up?
  Chops Pig Just evil, and not in a good way, unlike Ganon. Gross.
  Prince Frog Let's just say nobody will be kissing him and transforming him into a handsome human anytime soon.
  Hazel Squirrel That unibrow is offputting!
  Beardo Bear Mustache bears are my fourth favourite type of bear, but Beardo is horrific.
  Barold Cub Man If I could invent a K.K. Slider song about infinite nightmares, Barold would be the villager on its cover. No K.K. Slider.
  Alfonso Alligator I actually don't strongly dislike any alligator, but Alfonso doesn't resonate with me as well as the rest.
  Lionel Lion Rory at least has a goofy villain look going for him. Lionel is just weird, and he might be why there are no female lions in AC. He scared 'em off.
  Bangle Tiger Big cats are cool. However, I do not like Bangle as much as the other tigers. Not the worst villager, though.
  Elise Monkey We have cute monkeys, okay monkeys, and then whatever the heck this beast on my floor is.
  Cyrano Anteater Is it weird I have a soft spot for Cyrano? Could just be because he's an anteater, and nothing else.
  Twirp Bird Twerp As far as irate avians go, you could do much worse than Admiral. For example, Twirp, the twerp.
  Coach Bovine I'd rather drive away in a coach than hang with Coach.
  Hector Chicken Not a fan of him, to be honest.
  Quetzal Eagle As with the octopuses, I actually like all the eagles. I just happen to like Quetzal the least.
  Gloria Duck I think Daisy Duck would be a little embarrassed for her species if she knew of Gloria here.
  Sandy Ostrich I'm sorry, Sandy. I'm sure you're a nice gal, but the other ostriches just stand out to me more. I don't dislike any ostriches.
  Wade Penguin Why does he have lips?
  Tiffany Rabbit I don't like either snooty rabbit, but I dislike Tiffany more.
  Paolo Elephant I don't hate him, but I think he's a bit disappointing.
  Iggy Goat At least Sven looks like a funny sad face.
  Limberg Mouse Penny's disturbing stare almost earned her the title of my least favourite mouse. Instead, Limberg shows that 5 o' clock shadows don't look good on AC characters.
  Harry Hippo Help. I need an adult (that doesn't look like this).
  Clyde Horse The only horse I don't like the look of.
  Tiara Rhino Mildly disturbing.
  Pietro Clown Sheep Hello, is this clown control? Yes, I got a serious case over here, and I need your help!
  Marcie Kangaroo Her lack of a nose disturbs me.
  Soleil Hamster Sorry, Soleil fans. She never really appealed to me.
  Hans Gorilla Not keen on the gorillas, and this is why, amongst other reasons.