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I am a huge fan of the Animal Crossing Series (duh). My favorite is the Gamecube one. My character in all three games is the "BBB" girl (I don't like having the "mean" character, but whatever) and her name is Monica. I really like going to the city! In Wild World I invented Kido's Hotel, and I have an annual fair around July. In City Folk and Wild World, I made the Better Town Association (BTA) which helps clean up towns in need. My Animal Crossing Interests are fishing, crossbreeding flowers, making outfits, making businesses, and cheating. I got an action replay and I'm learning how to use it.

My Town (GameCube) My sisters and I share three towns. One is just an average town that we like to play in. My series is the Lovely Series. Then there's the second town, Cozytown. The goal for that town was to collect all of the town models, without cheating. Unfortunately, it recently got erased... the memory card corrupted! :( Our third town is called Waukesha. We made three troublesome boys, Slash, Dash, and Travel. Slash is the main troublemaker, his main goal in life is to make people angry. Dash is really quirky. Travel is the quiet yet confident type, and he is really smart.

My Town (Wild World) This is where I establish my businesses. My house is where I have Kido's Hotel. The uniform is a Red Cap and a Gaudy Sweater. Then I have the Better Town Association (BTA). The BTA is a nonprofit organizatation that improves the environment of towns.

My Wild World Town is not very friendly. It's all about gossip, and I hate it!! It used to be a great town. My group of friends was Opal, Puddles, and Melba, but then Opal moved. Soon after that, Puddles moved too! And finally, my best friend Melba moved away... and on her birthday, too! Ever since then, I've been trying to make my town what it used to be... (Opal moved back, that's a start!)

I also coordinate most of the special events with my sisters when we play Wild World together. Since the holidays in Wild World are SUPER LAME, I like to make up my own events. The biggest one is the annual Town Fair, that's held in mid-July. There are about seven activities spread around the town, like Rascal Rasces and Wheel of Luck. The Fair lasts for three days, and to get in, you need three tickets (one for each day.) If you decide to stay in Kido's Hotel, you only need one ticket, but you have to pay to "stay" in the hotel each night.

Ever since Melba moved away, I've started to "Check Who's Moving." I know it sounds completely insane, but I don't want my town to get worse than it already is! Every night, after 8:00 PM, I play my game and run to everyone's houses. If I see that they have a bunch of boxes in their home, I have to stop them from moving! And it works!


Tank: He's the first animal I ever met. I really like him, and he enjoys fishing.

Lucky: He seems to have a thing with food fairies. He hates Walker, and he's good friends with Tank.

Marina: She's always feeling sorry for herself, and she has a crush on everyone!

Chow: He hates me, he even said so!

Moe: He's alright...

Opal: Yay! She moved back! She likes to play the "Red or White Card" game. She's pretty cool.

Walker: He started all of the gossip in town. I think he used to have a crush on me, but who knows? He also likes to fish.

Truffles: She always says "Wait! I'm not really a pig!" Ha ha ha!!