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Template:PGfirst Template:AC Template:ACWW Template:ACCF Template:SSBM Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Flag of the United States.png This user lives in United States.
This user is American This user is American.
Villager (Female) aF Character Icon.png This user is female.
Template:Rod1 Template:Rod3 Template:Net1 Template:Axe3 Template:Shovel2 Template:Shovel3 Template:Slingshot1 Template:Slingshot3 Template:Can1
Bug NH Icon.png This user's favourite bug is the Herculese Beetle.
Fish NH Icon.png This user's favorite fish is the Stringfish.
Player 3 NH.png This user is a fishing fan. This user smells like fish!
Gracie Template:Don Template:Wendell Template:K.K. Slider Template:Snowman
Ja This user would love to be able to learn Japanese!