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Template:PGfirst Template:AC Template:ACWW Template:ACCF Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Flag of the United States.png This user lives in United States.
This user is American This user is American.
Girl 1 aF Character Icon.png This user is female.
Template:Rod1 Template:Rod3 Template:Net1 Template:Axe3 Template:Shovel2 Template:Shovel3 Template:Slingshot1 Template:Slingshot3 Template:Can1
Bug NH Icon.png This user's favourite bug is the Herculese Beetle.
Fish NH Icon.png This user's favorite fish is the Stringfish.
Player 3 NH.png This user is a fishing fan. This user smells like fish!
Gracie Template:Don Template:Wendell Template:K.K. Slider Template:Snowman
Ja This user would love to be able to learn Japanese!