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Hello and welcome to my user page!

About Me

I am 14 years old, male, I have a 9 year old brother, and I have never been abducted by aliens. I actually havn't played Animal Crossing in a while now, but the 3DS version has got me all exited again. I aim to one day get Gold Status on Nookipedia.

<countdown time="12/22/2011 0:00 AM UTC"> <D> days, <H> hours, <M> minutes, and seconds until Izakthegoomba's 15th birthday! </countdown> <countdown time="03/25/2011 8:00 AM UTC"> <D> days, <H> hours, <M> minutes, and seconds until Izakthegoomba can get his hands on a 3DS! </countdown>

Place to ditch random stuff

TEST This userbox is a test

yay! i got it working!

BORDER TEST This userbox is a test

and this!

Item Quantity Price
Apple 5 £1
Peanut 2 £20
Frog 4720 £100
Total 4727 £472045

That worked... sort of...