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{{UB Fan Character|Nat|BurlyWood|SlateGrey|Green|Black}}
{{UB Fan Character|Nat|BurlyWood|SlateGrey|Green|Black}}
{{UB Fan Character|Rover|Yellow|Gold|Yellow|Black}}
{{UB Fan Character|Shrunk|Yellow|HotPink|Pink|Black}}
{{UB Fan Character|Shrunk|Yellow|HotPink|Pink|Black}}
{{UB Fan Character|Blathers|Brown|Brown|Teal|White}}
{{UB Fan Character|Blathers|Brown|Brown|Teal|White}}

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Princess Peach
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John Denver Fan, an Animal Crossing villager.
Species Personality Gender
Human Gamer or more accurately, Lazy. Male
Birthday June 5th {{{sign}}}
Phrase Howdy
Clothes Star of David Shirt
Saying A true Christian can do whatever he wants.
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Other Games

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Im originally from Smashwiki. Im a fan of Pierce. I live in Israel. I used to live in the United States, I brought my NTSC Wii U and Wii and all of my games. They surprisingly work in the PAL region (Which Israel is in the PAL region for video games.) I have a Miiverse account that I still run with the incorrect nationality. I have lied in my profile comment to avoid getting banned for religious content (They say living in Israel is Religious content.) Im saying im visting Israel permanently. While actually I live in Israel. here's the link: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/megalodon966 Im currently mad and won't be active for 2 weeks.

My ways and visions for Nookipedia

I want Nookipedia to be the best Animal Crossing resource. I also want it to be in multiple languages.

How I came here

I was looking for cheats and spoilers for paintings in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But is expanding.

My town

My town name is Mickey, Named after Mickey Mouse, there is no Trash. but I keep Turnips and time travel. making them rot, it's a like a goldmine of Flys. When I caught a Empty Can before I made it where no Garbage appears, I say "I caught an Empty Can, YUCK! I wonder if somebody had some Chef Boyardi full of Meatballs in the can and dumped it here, when empty. Say no to that!." when I caught a Boot I say "I caught a boot, somebody lost it when in the river! When I caught a tire "I caught a tire, was it from the Dock?!" that was all before I created the law Keep Mickey Beautiful. but it's ways to go before a Perfect Town.

The Good

  • K.K. Slider is great at his songs!
  • Used a glitch in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to Bury a White turnip on a sunny day, and the next day via Time Travelling on a rainy day and sold it for a 500 Bell Profit!
  • Money Rocks are very profitable!
  • Can go to Tortimer Island and catch a lot of Horned Elephants.
  • New update!

The Bad

  • Mr. Resetti has rude language.
  • White turnips almost always get me a loss.
  • Joan has high prices for her White turnips sometimes.
  • Mii Masks are not free the first time in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • Might use the Laughter Joke inappropriately by laughing at mad or sad villagers. So that joke is a horrible idea.
  • Gracie has Furniture that's too expensive.

The Funny

  • Mr. Resetti called Barbed Wire "Bob Wire" one time.
  • Blathers said one time "Hmm hoo. you have no fossils for me to assess. Sadly I cannot access what needs no assessing. Hoo, some Museum humor! So rich! Hoo Hoo!
  • Saw a Mole Cricket turn into a Wharf Roach after falling off a cliff in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (im sure that that was a glitch.)

Fish and Bugs

I like the Eel but it's Moray eel is better. in fact my favorite Fish is the Moray Eel! my second Favorite fish is the Shark I have never sold a shark because the villages might make sharkfin soup. My least favorite fish is the Dace. My Favorite bug is the Horned Atlas. My least favorite bug is the ant.

Favorite K.K. Slider songs

Here's a list of my favorite songs preformed by K.K. Slider

Awesome images.

A historical style that I like.
A perfect Turnip. cool, edible, and is very tasty!
That's me from Pikipedia! (as TabuuandPeach.)
An All You Can eat Pikmin buffet for the Bulborbs.
Did Victoria turn into a human?!
The Israelis declared you mayor, you declared the Israelis dead, I declare you evil.
Oh, now you have mercy for the Israelis after you declared them dead and I declared you evil
Okay this is weird.
This is more weird.
A Glowing Bulborb?! that's extremely weird.
My favourite movie.
One of my Fire Emblem Awakening screenshots.