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Welcome to Nookipedia Exploring Editing YouTube Tutorial

Welcome to Nookipedia! Nookipedia is the largest independent Animal Crossing series wiki on the Internet with 16,693 articles. It is a member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, a collaboration of independent Nintendo-oriented wikis. This tutorial aims to get you familiar with the wiki, exploring, editing and even making complex templates. When you are ready to proceed, click on the tab that says Exploring
Nookipedia is split up into many different pages, like an encyclopaedia. Every page is about a different thing. Some pages are categorised. This means that they are grouped with other articles relating to it, much like sections in an encyclopaedia. You can search for an article in the search box. In a new window or tab, try searching for Tom Nook.
The Search Box

Tom Nook

The Tom Nook Page

Now let's walk through the page.

This image (that changes with the skin of the wiki (appearance)) is the easiest way to get back to the main page.

2. User Bar

The userbar displays your IP (if you are not logged in) or your username as well as your talk page (contact page) and other features as well as a logout button.

3. Navigation Bar

4. Infobox

5. Navbox

===6. Categories===


This YouTube tutorial is a video so it may be easier for you to follow. If you notice any errors or want to make a suggestion, please post on the talk page of this article (Help:Tutorial).

A test video as we don't have a real thing yet.