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Animal Crossing is now just one of the games I know lots about but don't play very often. #PokemonFan4Life. Also I play Animal Jam almost every day, my user there is Kkragdoll. Still, if you need tips, favorite this page, I post tips whenever I'm on, and sometimes funny stories about my Animal Crossing experiences. Sometimes those tips will be competitive strategies for Pokemon X and Y, but bear with me. If you're specifically looking for pokemon info, go to and if you want Gen 6 strategies, head to Youtube and check out TheNationalDex.

Tip #1: Absolutely Broken. If you go to Tortimer Island at night in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then just catch bugs until your parents say no more 3DS for the night, then sell the bugs back in town, you will get so many bells it's crazy! For those rare bugs that fly away at the last second, hold A to sneak while holding the net. After a few nights of exploiting the heck out of the Island, you're pretty much covered in terms of bell amounts for a while. Of course, as always, exploits like this are pretty useless if you have no idea what you're doing, so browse all you feel the need to on Nookipedia, and favorite this page for tips whenever I'm on! And I don't know how to end this, sooooooo uuuuuuuhh RANDOM CATFACING =^.^= :3

Story 1: Virtual Love Triangle. I started up a New Leaf save file and upon arriving at my town, I found every good part of it. The native fruit was cherries just like in my City Folk town, the shops were close to each other and the river, and there were many nice animals in my town to start out. The first thing I saw of Antonio was his adorable fluffy tail. Then Antonio noticed me. I talked to Antonio, and for a jock personality animal, he was very friendly and instantly seemed to like me. I decided to explore the town more after setting up where my house would be, and one of the animals I met was Kitt. She seemed nice at the time, and I never suspected a rivalry like the one in this love triangle. As I kept playing, I became better friends with Antonio and considered him a virtual boyfriend, sending him really awkward "love letters" often. I noticed that Kitt and Antonio were becoming better friends, and Kitt seemed to be in love with Antonio, but keeping it secret. When Antonio and Kitt were having a conversation, they always broke it up when I was near. The rivalry between Kitt and I became stronger over time, and as did the virtual relationships. On Valentines Day of 2014, I received two letters. One from Antonio that had a box of chocolates in it, and one from Kitt that said she was moving out. The rivalry was over. And yet again I don't know how to end this sooooooo uuuuuuuhh Volcarona FTW!

Story 2: Virtual Love Triangle 2. So lately I've been playing more of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and ANOTHER love triangle popped up. Apparently while I was playing Pokemon X Antonio had become really good friends with Opal and of course, Opal started to harbor feelings for Antonio. The competition has been getting intense, and Valentines Day is about 4 months away as of the time of this post, so wish me luck!