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|21<sup>th</sup>|| Lyman is moving in ! Saharah made her weekly visit. Ocre's third house loan was paid in full to Tom Nook.
|21<sup>th</sup>|| Lyman is moving in ! Saharah made her weekly visit. Ocre's third house loan was paid in full to Tom Nook.
|22<sup>nd</sup>|| Kicks and Celeste visited the island today. [[User:Astrena|Astrena]] from [[User:Astrena/Lyris|Lyris]] was also visiting Flùðir for the first time.
|23<sup>rd</sup>|| K.K. Slider was in town and performed [[K.K. Étude]] during the evening.

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Fludir map.jpg
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Player Ocre
Creation date May 1st, 2020
Native fruit Fruit Orange NH Icon.png Oranges

Flúðir is a village located at the south-west of Iceland. It's built near the green, and bulky hill called Miðfell. I visited Flúðir in October 2018, and it left an indelible impression.



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Date Event
1st Coach, Agnes, and Ocre land on a northern deserted island under the guidance of Tom Nook to settle it. It is christened Flùðir.
2nd Ocre had his house built, while his two neighbours are still living in tents. Leif is making a first stop in Flùðir. Materials have been gathered to build Nook's Cranny. Blathers was invited to set up a tent on the island.
3rd Nook's Cranny has been built. Ocre proceeds to build three more houses, and invite Ozzie, Eunice, and Piper to move to Flùðir while on Mystery Island tours.
4th Mabel is visiting Flùðir for the first time. Ozzie moved into his house. Tom Nook gave the upstart settlement a proper training on furniture customization.
5th Gulliver washed on the eastern beach of Flùðir and Ocre helped him contact his crew. Piper moved into her house. Blathers helmed the inauguration of the island's museum.
6th Eunice was unpacking her boxes as she moved to Flùðir. Tom Nook announced that Flùðir would get a town hall on May 8th, and the Service Center tent would be taken down tonight. During the evening, Celeste was in town for a starseeing visit.
7th Flùðir was celebrating Ozzie's birthday today. He really liked the birthday gifts he received from his new neighbours. Leif was pedlling his bush and exotic flowers on the village plaza.
8th Flùðir was proud to inaugurate its brand new town hall with Tom Nook and Isabelle. Paviinka visited the island for the first time. Saharah was also peddling her carpets and rugs in town for the first time ever.
9th Redd landed on the eastern shore of Flùðir. Tom Nook and Ocre worked together and planned the building of a campground to help bolster tourism to the island. The village inaugurated the new ramp facilitating the access to the eastern hills.
10th ARO visited Flùðir for the first time. Mabel was in town selling clothes on a beautiful Sunday evening. The campground is now up and running on the north-eastern corner of the island. The museum was closed down for the day to allow renovations. Keaton was the first campground occupant, and as such was invited to move to Flùðir. Finally, Ocre bought a new house plot close by the museum and Nook's Cranny, and found his first tenant while on a Mystery Island Tour. Claude will be moving over to Flùðir in the coming days.
11th Blathers helmed the inauguration of the newly built art-dedicated wing of the museum. Keaton is slowly unpacking his boxes. Eunice was sick for the day, but fortunately friends brought over medications for her. Redd visited the northern beach with his rickety boat once again.
12th Claude is moving in ! C.J. is in town to challenge Flùðir to a fishing contest. Ocre has purchased two new housing plots, and invited O'Hare to move in while on a Mystery Island tours.
13th Mabel plans on opening a tailor shop in Flùðir ! O'Hare is moving in today. K.K. Slider will be putting on a show for the first time ever tomorrow on the Flùðir plaza.
14th K.K. Slider held his concert before all of Flùðir early in the morning. Victoria is moving in from Donut today (Paviinka's island). Ocre started laying down roads in an around the village. Gonzo ended his 2 days amiibo residence on the campground. Work on the Flùðir graveyard has started.
15th Leif visited Flùðir, and was welcomed with open arms by Ocre who needed help in laying down paths, and surveying villager yards.
16th Flùðir's graveyard has been completed, and so has the bridge linking the eastern to the western halves of the village. Work has started on two ramps to link the campsite to the village. K.K. Slider was back in town for his Saturday night concert and sang Animal City.
17th The first of the two ramps connecting the village to the campsite has been built. Daisy Mae was in town to sell her parsnips. Coach told his neighbours that he would be packing up tomorrow: he is leaving the town he founded with Agnes and Ocre.
18th Coach is packing up to leave, while Piper and Agnes find it hard to see him go. Gulliver washed ashore. It was Sunmarsh's first visit to Flùðir. The inhabitants celebrated Museum Day by visiting Blathers' special exhibitions today.
19th Leif was in town, selling blue and pink hydrangea bushes. Gonzo made his way to the campground, and was invited to buy Coach's house.
20th Flick is making his first appearance in Flùðir to buy the local bugs. After making preparations for Flùðir's 10th house plot, Ocre invited Lyman to move to the island while on a Mystery Island tour. The path linking the campground to the village has been completed with the erection of a second ramp. Keaton was feeling sick this morning.
21th Lyman is moving in ! Saharah made her weekly visit. Ocre's third house loan was paid in full to Tom Nook.
22nd Kicks and Celeste visited the island today. Astrena from Lyris was also visiting Flùðir for the first time.
23rd K.K. Slider was in town and performed K.K. Étude during the evening.


May 2020