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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Category Map/Category:Animal Crossing}}
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Category Map (Animal Crossing; Nookipedia; Images)Wiki to-doPocket Camp related pages (bugs; fish; User:Paviinka/Premium PC Clothing)
List of NH housesList of missing galleriesList of villagers' favourite songs in NH
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Categories related to the Animal Crossing series'.

Category:Animal Crossing series‎










Category:Gameplay Elements‎




Category:Items‎ wip

For items found in Animal Crossing series'. If an item doesn't belong to any of the subcategories, it's in the Items category.

For paintings and sculptures in the games. The "GAME" art categories add an appearance into infoboxes. Paintings and Sculptures categories are added with the infobox template and Artwork category is added with the artwork navigation box template.

Pocket Camp related
  • Category:Food (+ PC treats) (+Ingredients and recipes from harvest festival...?)
Items that can be eaten by the player or the animals, or can be cooked.

For fossils in the games. The Fossils category is added with the fossil infobox template.

Furniture pages should be in Furniture category and then in official "categorizing" category - series, categories, sets, themes. (Maybe only include "main" furniture article and leave lists of *color* articles separated?)
Pocket Camp related.
See Category Map/Category:Images for details.

Pocket Camp exclusive furniture

  • Pocket Camp garden safaris sets
  • Pocket Camp fishing tourney sets
  • Pocket Camp scavenger hunt sets
  • Pocket Camp fortune cookie sets
  • article: Special Furniture

category pages that are "unique" but still contain animal crossing items go into sets.

Mostly distributed items lists.
All handheld things with in-game function.

Maybe "GAME" related clothing categories?
Clothing subs need rework
+ missing games.


Pages with lists inside of them - furniture lists, villager lists, critter lists.


Articles and categories regarding locations in 'Animal Crossing series'. Articles can appear in multiple categories here.


Articles on vehicles in 'Animal Crossing series'.


Cameo appearances of Animal Crossing in other games or of other games in Animal Crossing. All should be noted in the Cameos article with a link to main article, if applicable. Main articles belong to this category as well.