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I like to contribute to the Starfy Wiki as Torchickens and occasionally Bulbapedia as Chickasaurus as I know quite a lot about a wide-scale of Generation I glitches.

The first four games in The Legendary Starfy series are relatively obscure but they are good. My favourite is Densetsu no Starfy 2. Nowadays Starfy Wiki is probably the only English fan-site because Salt Water Stafi is dead.

Also, in an 2009 conference call set up by Nintendo between Nintendo Life and six developers of The Legendary Starfy, when Hitoshi Yamagami was asked whether there are any plans for a sixth game in the series, he replied "Yes!" with a long pause and laugh, so I have my fingers crossed that a new game may be coming out soon.

I now have Animal Crossing: New Leaf. What I plan to do is contribute things like the museum descriptions as I unlock them.

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