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PG Logo English.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing.
PG Box NA.png This user owns Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.
CF Box NA.jpg This user owns Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.
Flag of the United States.png This user is from America.
This user is American This user is American.
23 This user is 23 years old.
K.K. Slider CF Icon.png This user's favorite K.K. Slider song is K.K. Country.
Boy 1 aF Character Icon.png This user is male.
Gold This user's favorite color is Gold.
Wall clock.png This user's time zone is UTC−05:00.
Fishing Rod CF Icon.png This user uses a normal fishing rod.
Net CF Icon.png This user uses a normal net.
Axe CF Icon.png This user uses a normal axe.
Golden Shovel CF Icon.png This user uses a gold shovel.
Silver Slingshot CF Icon.png This user uses a silver slingshot.
Silver Can CF Icon.png This user uses a silver watering can.
Bug NH Icon.png This user's favourite bug is the Firefly.
UB LFav Bug.png This user's least favourite bug is the Bee.
Fish NH Icon.png This user's favorite fish is the Goldfish.
UB LFav Fish.png This user's least favorite fish is the Frog.
Tville This user's town is called Tville.
Furniture NH Inv Icon.png This user's favorite furniture series is the Ranch Series.
Eunice NH Villager Icon.png This user shares their birthday with Eunice, the Normal Sheep.