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Welcome back!Edit

Hey Sunmarsh, seen your recent edits and just gotta say it, WELCOME BACK! Your presence has been missed and hope you drop back in to our Discord! ~PoizonMushro0m  21:29, July 18, 2018 (EDT)

Echoing the above comments, you've been sorely missed! Aw, now I'll have to wait another year before I can demote you! :P Drago (talk)   05:53, July 19, 2018 (EDT)

Thanks everyone! Sorry to say I won't be back for long, though I will try to drop in more often. School commitments make it very difficult... I miss you all too!   (talk) 22:05, August 26, 2018 (EDT)

Thank you!Edit

Salve, Sunmarsh! I really appreciated your message, I kindly thank you. I aim to add in the future all the missing Italian names/explanations, and also contribute in this wiki even more in other fields. I hope this was the right section (and way) to reply to your message. If not, I'm really sorry. I won't do the same mistake twice.--Astrena (talk) 13:59, September 15, 2019 (EDT)

All of your translations have been very thoughtful so far. Keep up the good work. ;-) You can post your reply on your page, or on mine. It's up to you, really. See you around!   (talk) 14:59, September 18, 2019 (EDT)

Re: Editor in chiefEdit

Sorry about all this! I do think the editor-in-chief role is a great idea, and I did understand what you wrote in your nomination. The only reason that I made the comment that I did is because the staff applications page has (so far) solely been used for patroller, admin and 'crat applications. Discussion about creating a new position might be better suited to Discord or the Community Fountain, but eh, someone else might disagree! Drago (talk)   13:12, November 13, 2019 (EST)

No hard feelings Drago, I'm sorry if I read something into your comment that wasn't there. I appreciate you clarifying things. :) I agree that this is unprecedented and should probably involve more community discussion.   (talk) 14:03, November 13, 2019 (EST)
No problem at all. Looks like the directors have discussed things behind the scenes, so the new role should be ready to go now! :) Drago (talk)   11:14, November 14, 2019 (EST)

Saharah's templateEdit

Hello, Sunmarsh! Sorry for bothering you with such a trivial question, but I edited Saharah's page to include her appearance in New Horizons, but her character template doesn't show the game. However, this problem doesn't appear in the preview. Did I do something wrong? Could you add it yourself, 'cause I don't seem able to? Thank you and sorry for bothering you with such a problem. --Astrena (talk) 17:30, February 16, 2020 (EST)

No worries Astrena. I think I figured out the problem; Nookipedia's cache of that page needed to be cleared. If you ever run into an issue where changes to a template are not appearing (this usually happens when you've updated a template but it still looks the same on the target page, but in this case was the result of the template depending on page categorization) you can do the following:
  1. Click the 'Edit' button on the page.
  2. Replace &action=edit at the end of the URL with &action=purge and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Select OK on the next page.
And the page will be updated with all of the latest information/reflect any changes to templates on that page.   (talk) 20:24, February 16, 2020 (EST)
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